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Author: Steve Smakin
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Facebook is in need of customer service to flatter businesses!

Facebook is the blue eyed baby of all these days. It is loved, sought after and admired by all. People are going nuts over the social networking site. It is making billions. Now it is certainly a matter of laughter to hear that Facebook has been making great efforts to woo businesses.

Facebook holds a deep desire within to hold a similar appearance to that of mighty Google+ especially in the arena of commercial social networking.

However, the track record maintained in the area of dealing with users indicates that it is not wise for businesses to rely on it.

As you rely on any of the paid services, you must expect to avail what you exactly pay forget what you pay for.

However, free services and that too provided by a highly profitable organization such as Facebook, you must understand that a modicum related to customer service as well as responsiveness is in its best interests. This is especially when the service is in full mood to convince users in choosing a service over any of the fast-rising opponent.

Those who have had a chance to run into the Facebook’s customer service stone wall in the recent past have been disappointed.

The basic problem is that most of the programs hold over 30,000 members.
It seems as if Facebook will soon shut down groups designed under an "old" setup. The reason is that the old format of Facebook group is quite bad.

The original format is quite different from the new one in way it looks and feels. It also lacks the much desired an enhanced chat function. Some of the groups might be allowed to migrate, while others will not. The basic standards utilized for the decision have not yet been revealed.

Most people have been told that the group will soon be "archived." This indicates that the admin is left with 2 basic choices as stated below:

1.    Allow the group be archived and later unarchive the group. This will lose the 30,000 members who have at last found a "new" group and later rejoined.

Create a brand new group. Now inform all group members and ask them to join it. Lose about hundreds of thousands of contributions that make the entire group so valuable.

However, this is not easy because Facebook will not answer the question or respond to the matter. Facebook holds a different attitude.

It appears that it will do whatever it wants with anything on the website and will not explain itself to anyone. Facebook is actually trying to convert itself away from Google+. No wonder more than thousands of groups and members have been affected.


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