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Author: St. Pan
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Sony PlayStation NGP or ‘PlayStation Vita’: A review
The next generation Sony PlayStation Portable or PSP which has been much awaited, has been finally unveiled at Los Angeles’ Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 on 6th June.

The successor of PlayStation Portable, which is a hand console, is a part of the PlayStation’s family of various gaming devices.

The current craze regarding motion sense gaming and touchscreen has all been kept in mind by Sony with this major upgrade called Vita.

The device had been code named as Next Generation Portable or NGP and its inception was first announced at the “PlayStation Meeting” on 27th January 2011 in Japan by Kazuo Hirai, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The gaming market has been waiting for some time for this latest gadget.

The powerful device is endowed with a number of unique features like a rear and front camera, touchscreen, wifi and 3G connectivity and motion sense gaming.

The device will have certain major titles such as Resistance, Wipeout 2048, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted:

Golden Abyss, Call of Duty, Everybody’s Golf Next, Hustle Kings, etc. In addition to all these titles, other independent and third party games will be available as well.

The device promises beautiful gaming experiences filled hours with great new titles each week for months at a stretch.

Vita has evolved majorly from the predecessor PSP of Sony. Sony has kept to its reputation of adding on a few (but extremely significant) upgrades since it had launched its very first gaming console.

The innovation and introduction of this particular device is of great importance since the extreme popularity of multimedia gaming and smart phones are considered a potential threat to the console gaming industry on the whole.

Low priced handsets boasting of the Android OS have further eliminated the barrier of entry with games such as Angry Birds that have already become extremely popular.

There are features in the device which make it capable to change the structure and course of the console industry.

The sleek and neat design helps in improving the grip along with the comfort of the gamers. The improved resolution of 960 x 540 gives a boost to the gaming experience along with video and movie experience with the maintenance of 16:9 aspect ratio.

Multiple inputs like a rear touch pad, touchscreen, six axis motion sensing, 12 x buttons, three-axis electronic compass D-pad and 2 x analog sticks make it versatile to suit the playing styles of everybody.

There is chat support in the device along with enhanced connectivity, region free gaming, support for previous PSP games and PS3 integration, which make it a good buy.

The device comes at a price of $249 for a device with only wifi and at $299 with both wifi and 3G.


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