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Author: Steve Smakin
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Nintendo is a Japanese name famous its gaming consoles and other like gadgets. The Wii game controller was quite popular when it was first launched. Now the second version of the popular game controller has been unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it is better known.

The latest invention by the gaming giant is called the Wii U as revealed by Satoru Iwata, CEO and President of the company.

The Wii U has a 6.2 inch touchscreen mounted at the very centre along with HD graphics and is aimed to give a brand new structure to home entertainment.

The in-built touchscreen of Wii U (which is handheld) is one of the unique features of the controller.

If you are fan of the Nintendo controller and are a Nintendo Wii gamer then the new game controller is a must have.

The touchscreen display is wider than the previous version and you can move your game play to the controller from the TV at any time.
There is support for playing all the Wii titles with the Wii U.

There are buttons like select, start, dual-analog sliders and D-Pad in the device along with the four buttons at the back- ZR, ZL, R and L. however, despite the many buttons the controller can be handled with comfort in your hand.

There is an added feature in the Wii U with a front-facing camera.
The Augmented Reality (AR) of the device makes direct interaction between the TV and the touchscreen very simplistic.

There are other amazing new features like supporting web browsing running, all the existing Wii titles and video calling.
This effectively means that between your bouts of gaming you can take some time off to surf the web and make a call.

The Wii U is a standalone gaming device as well, but there is one slight problem in the fact the Wii console is a necessity for it to work.
The new controller must be connected with Ninetendo Wii console for operation.

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The Wii U controller was showcased at the E3 expo where the PlayStation Vita by Sony, Nintendo’s major rival was also launched.
This indicates the fact that the competition of the market for the handheld gaming industry is gaining weight.

The handheld gaming machine is completely standalone, and with its launch Nintendo will no doubt remain at the very top of the gaming console industry.

The powerful gaming device totally justifies the company’s tradition which involves the introduction of gaming hardware with high concepts.
The main advantages of the Wii U controller are its great performance and nice looks, making it an extremely competitive product.

The Wii U controller with a bunch of unique features is quite a steal at prices ranging between $100 and $200.

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