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Author: Steve Smakin
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Basic Rules of Survival in any Situation

There are some basic rules of survival that you need to know before planning your next outdoor trip. These survival tips will equip you to face most dangerous situations whether you are in a group or out on your own.

It is also advisable to get the adequate training required before venturing out into the wild or before planning a trip to any extreme location.

Survival guides are a good way by which you can learn the basics along with many tips and techniques that can come handy in such situations.

Taking risks may seem to be adventurous especially after watching many of the adventure series on television.

But it need not always be so; my best advice would be not to take unnecessary risks when you are out in the open.

Make a detailed plan before you set out on the trip; try and stick to this plan as much as you can so that you are not faced with ugly and dangerous situations.

Gather as much information as you can about the terrain and landscape; having a local guide accompany you will be a great asset.

If you are on your own, take your time to analyze the situation instead of cutting corners and landing in big trouble.

Among the other survival tips, panic and disorientation are the other two emotions that you must keep in control when faced with an unpleasant or difficult situation.

Try not to panic and lose your head; instead keep cool, analyze the situation and then make a mental plan on how to deal with it.

One of the most common situations that you face out in the wilderness is getting lost; even the most sophisticated navigation equipment may not be helpful when you are in the deep forest.

Instead of just running in any direction because of the impending darkness, relax and look around for small hints which could give you an idea of where you could be.

It is also advisable to make marks or keep small pointers as you venture into the forest as these can come most handy when you get lost.

No matter where you are planning your adventure trip, be prepared to strike up a fire.

Never underestimate the importance of fire when you are outdoors; a fire is necessary to keep the wild animals away when you are in the wilderness.

If you are out in an extremely cold region, then a fire is again necessary to fight hypothermia. This is another of the survival tips that is extremely handy.

The other key survival tips include food and shelter. Make sure that you carry enough food kits or supplies that will last you longer than necessary.

Emergency food kits are a great idea especially if you are lost or have to spend a longer time outdoors than planned.

Ensure that you are carrying the right equipment for the shelter; this will again depend on the kind of place that you are intending to set up camp.

The shelter needed in the wilderness is very different from the kind of shelter that you will need in a desert or on a mountain.

And lastly, carry as much water as you can since this is one thing that you cannot do without and is necessary to keep up your energy.

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