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Author: Steve Smakin
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What is a Wilderness Survival Knife

A wilderness survival knife is basically a knife that has been specially designed for life out in the wild outdoors.

These are really handy especially for dealing with survival or emergency situations.

Hence any survival guide will inform you that it is best to carry this knife on you; hide or conceal it in your clothing so that this equipment will remain with you even when you have lost your other equipments or belongings.

Survival knives are constantly issued to military personnel especially front line soldiers and pilots who will need this for survival.

There are so many uses to a wilderness survival knife and can be used in different terrains and geographical locations.

You can find this knife with most hunters, hikers and similar adventure seekers; hence if you are also keen on spending some time with Nature, then get a good quality survival knife and also learn the basics of how to use this equipment using a survival guide.

These knives can come in different sizes and also in different materials.

While some have blades which are heavy and thick, there are others which are designed to be light weight so that it fits comfortably into a survival kit.

One important use of this knife is to cut branches and small pieces of wood for lighting up your fire.

The blade of this knife is usually very sharp and hence can be used for chopping wood.

Like you would read in a survival guide, this knife is also used for skinning animals.

It is a great way to skin a rabbit that you have caught and prepare it for your dinner feast.

Most of the survival knives have a 4-6 inch long blade and some of the best companies that manufacture these include Aitor, Randall, Reeve and Parrish.

Some of the models made by these companies come with a hollow handle so that other things can be stored in this space. There are also knives which have a compass fitted to the handle.

Another great use of this knife, like you would learn in a survival guide, is to kill any wild animal in a dangerous situation.

You can also use this for cutting away wild vegetation while hiking through the forest or the woods. It is important to train yourself with this knife to be more comfortable with using it as the heavy blade models can be a little difficult to use the first time.

A survival guide will give you sufficient information that is needed to select a good wilderness knife.

Make sure that you get a knife which has a strong and fixed blade; only this type can be used for multiple purposes like chopping, carving, skinning and cutting.

Also, get one which has a full tang; this is because the handle can get broken at any time but if the knife has a full tang, then you can wrap a cloth around it and still use the equipment.

Though a hollow handle may sound like an innovative idea, it is best to avoid this as the handle tends to break easily.

Get a handle which is contoured to your hand’s size for better grip; smooth ones tend to slip easily and you could injure yourself in the process.

Read a survival guide so that you are equipped with not only the best wilderness survival knife but to also become an expert in using it. 


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