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Author: Steve Smakin
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8 Important Survival Skills in the Wilderness

Surviving in the wilderness is not an easy task and hence should not be undertaken unless you are sufficiently prepared and educated about the basic survival skills.

A good survival guide can be really handy when it comes to learning the basics; a lot of information along with tips and techniques can be learnt from this article which will prepare you to face any dangerous or unpleasant situation.

The most important skill that cannot be learnt from any survival guide is the will to live and the presence of mind.

Be bold and courageous even in the face of the most dangerous situation; just like you hear in every adventure story, sheer will is all that you need many a times to survive the situation.

Apart from this, there are a couple of basic skills that you must be trained in before stepping out for your adventure in the wilderness.

The second most important thing is to learn how to build a good shelter which is not only comfortable but also keeps out wild animals and insects and also offers adequate protection against the weather.

It is best to choose a dry and flat piece of land; try to choose an area where firewood is in supply. Do not build a shelter very close to a water source and make sure that you are equipped with all the materials needed to set up home.

Get hold of a survival guide to learn how to make a fire because this is very fundamental to your stay in the wild. It helps to keep the wild animals at bay and also gives protection from the cold weather at night.

Make sure that the fire is contained and do not keep any materials nearby which are inflammable. And always make sure that the fire has died out before you leave your camp.

The survival guide can also be useful in learning basic skills like how to find water in the wilderness.

Apart from carrying enough water to last a couple of days, try and find a water source nearby your camp.

You can also carry fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

Another good tip is to always filter water before drinking as you can never know what organisms may be present in the wild; either boil water or carry chemical filtration tablets in your kit.

Make sure that you carry food packets and energy bars which can keep you going most of the time. But if you happen to run out of food, then look around; nature is full of nutritious stuff but make sure you know which ones can be eaten.

Get a survival guide which will teach you how to identify the local fruits, vegetables and berries of the region.

In extreme situations, you may even have to depend on insects to stay alive so a little biology will be of great help in these times.

Another important thing to learn before heading to the wilderness is the basic signaling techniques like SOS signal, signal fires, visual signaling and also a signal mirror. This can be really useful when you are stranded and want to get external help.

Another two skills that you can learn from a survival guide include navigation basics and also tips to predict the weather. Both are useful if you are intending to spend a long time exploring the wild.


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