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What is  a Survival Guide?

A survival guide can be defined as any book which provides you with all the details and instructions required for surviving in a difficult or extreme situation.

There are so many different types of survival books available today, each one catering to a different situation or condition.

One of the most popular guides is for wilderness survival and is written keeping in mind the adventure and thrill seekers.

It is also used as a reference by those who are interested in wildlife photography or professionals whose work requires them to spend considerable amount of time in the wilderness.

It is very important to have a survival guide at hand when you are out on your own in the wild. Anything can go wrong and this guide can be an asset to prepare you on how to react and survive in such dangerous situations.

You can obtain a lot of skills and techniques through these books but if you are looking for more hands on experience, then you must take up a practical wilderness survival class or a first aid training class.

This guide definitely helps to increase awareness about the various survival skills necessary to combat a dangerous or life saving situation in the wild.

A well written survival guide is of utmost necessity to anyone who is a beginner to the outdoor life. There is a lot of basic information present in such books which can direct you in the right path.

The details, tips and techniques outlined here are taken from various sources so that you get a basic idea of what to expect once you are out in the wild.

It also gives a lot of information about specialized clothing gear, equipment, emergency food kits, outdoor shoes and other tips that can be handy in the wilderness.

Youngsters today seek out adventure much more than the previous generations. Hence there has been a rise in the number of adventure trails, hiking trips in the wilderness, mountaineering and rock climbing to name a few.

You must get a survival guide depending on the type of journey that you are about to take so that you are adequately prepared for anything unexpected or dangerous.

This is necessary even when you are travelling in a group as a situation may crop up where you may be responsible for the life of your partners too.

There are so many guides available online as e-book versions; download a good one which can help you in your adventure trips.

Another important thing that you can learn from a guide is how to set up the right shelter. This is very important especially in the wilderness where you need to keep out insects, dangerous animals and also extreme temperatures.

The type of shelter will vary according to the place and terrain and hence you must have the knowledge as well as the equipment necessary for making the right shelter for your needs.

There are so many brands available these days; hence educate yourself regarding the best one suited for your needs.

Last, but not the least, have a survival plan ready at all times. You can never predict when anything can go wrong so be prepared to deal with the situation.

And always remember to keep your survival guide with you no matter how well you know its contents.

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