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So, you have decided that you don’t want to be single anymore and you are determined to find someone to whom you can share your life. But, once you have started you may just felt like on a roller coaster:

you saw a guy, liked him, but when you finally went on a date – surprise!

He’s not for you; then you meet another one, went out a few dates, but history repeated etc. etc.


How hard and often should you test your luck?

Should you be as determined as going to the gym or building your career?

Should you transform into an athlete, a dateholic, doing after-hours? Or should you take it slow, like a pilates workout, or even more, let it naturally happen?

On one hand, the thing is, by pushing the note, you only use your spare time for developing new or reenact old frustrations: you will have quantity, not quality, you will get some funny, but mini-romances, that in the best case would die just a bit later than the ephemeris, you will lower your expectations, your hope and you will eventually desensitize and start hating to go out on a date with a new one.

On the other hand, if the only activities that you have are working, staying inside
and watch movies/read books, getting in public only for buying some clothes or groceries, you can’t complaint and feel deceived.

The truth is Prince Charming won’t knock at your door and ask you to marry you because you came into his dreams.

If you want to meet someone, you must to be in an appropriate place for this to happen.

In a matter of fact,
seeking and trying every guy that you may like is like wanting to evaluate
all of them in order to find The One.

But if you stop for a minute to evaluate the situation you will see that your whole life wouldn’t be enough the interview all of them, so why bothering so much?

So, call your friends, dress so to feel fabulous, go out and have fun.

If you see someone you like, go for it,
but don’t fall into a frenzied competition called “Who Finds Mister Perfect Quicker?”, because you won’t win the big prize.

Maybe some fun and for sure experience and a more exact idea on what you actually want, need and how to act when it will happen.

Enjoy your love life; make the best of it, not a conquest! 


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