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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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New studies prove the best methods in starting new passions.

Find out if you need upgrades in this field. You notice a cute guy at the bar. How do you proceed?

Do you discretely look towards him or do you go to him and search a way to break the ice with a conversation?

If you break the ice and you find out that there is chemistry between you, what do you do next?

Do you invite him to dance with you or do you initiate a conversation in which you try to impress him with details about your life?

Your way of reacting in these types of situations can tell you some things about your style of flirting.

You prefer the traditional flirt
According to a study made by the University of Kansas, which interrogated 5000 men and women regarding their styles of flirting, you would number into the category that sustains that men should approach women.

Sure, the main advantage of this idea is that this way you can't be refused. So, when a guy surprises you while you are staring at him, don't stop it. Moreover, smile to him - it's enough for him to understand that you give him green light.

You are a girl that flirts honestly

When you meet a guy, your strategy of flirting is to maintain a tonic conversation.

You go to the right way to identify what you have in common with him, so it's easy for you to establish an emotional connection.

The research proves that you are opened to new experiences and that you are eager to find out the passions that another one has. Your only minus point, according to the experts? It is very probable to get in the friend zone, than in the relationship one, so don't quit at physical chemistry.

For you, flirting is physical

If you rely on body language for stirring the attention and you used it often when flirting, then, according the study, you are the kind of woman who considers that anyone flirt with you 24 hours a day and your extrovert personality pushes you to respond in the same manners.

Better news:

it is discovered that this type of flirting is the most successful when it comes in seducing men.

Share with him personal details (like your dreamed holiday destination or your favorite movie) - this way you will make the difference in his mind, so you increase the possibilities of him asking for your phone number at the end of the night.

In conclusion, no type is better than the other: it all depends on the type of man that is in front of you.

The best way: be you and upgrade/develop your style and don’t adopt one that doesn’t suits you because you will attract men that are unsuitable for you.


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