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Highlights will always be the best methods for improving hair's aspect and for giving it interesting sub tones or for obtaining a plus of volume.

Celebrities often use different techniques for obtaining highlights when they want to change their look without appealing to drastic changes.

No matter if you add them at a professional salon or at home, highlights will remain in trends because of their capacity of giving light that embraces your facial features.

If you decided to offer brightness to your hair through highlights, it is very important to take into consideration the length of your hair.

Short hair is better dyed totally, while highlights are perfectly suiting for long hair and they must be reconditioned once at 2-3 months.

Don't choose more bright highlights than your natural color, but, on the contrary, with just a few tones brighter, no matter we are talking about your natural color or dyed one.

If you want to obtain more volume you should go on the opposite variant by putting strategically some extra darker highlights.

Your hairstylist could suggest more options for offering your hair some extra volume, brightness and, generally, a look which satisfies you.

There are many ways in which you can realize highlights.

Consequently it is essential to make some research and only then to choose a style that perfectly fits your personality and hair type.

Still, easyarea made things easier for you and have done a research in celebrities’ looks.

Highlights à la Jennifer Aniston

The discrete, very thin highlights that actress Jennifer Aniston wears are one of the most requested models nowadays.
The secret of a fresh blonde hair leans in creating some very thin highlights in a gamma of tones.

For obtaining this look, the base color must be dark blonde and the highlights shouldn't produce a great discrepancy with this one.

Highlights à la Kate Hudson

Not many of us noticed the highlights of the beautiful Kate Hudson and this only because we used to perceive blonde in more tones.

The color of her hair stays in placing strategically tone to tone highlights.

Highlights à la Jessica Parker

The iconic hair of Sarah Jessica Harper leans in the ombre technique that she uses when she dyes her hair.

This look is obtained by keeping the roots in their natural color and discoloring gradually the hair from half to ends.

This way, it is starting from a darker shade until a brighter one; by coloring the hair in degrade.

The process of striping is not ending when you finished dyeing. They must be maintained for the shades not to blur.

For maintaining the look for a longer period, I suggest you to choose the shampoo and styling products especially made for highlights.


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