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Author: Tin Pan
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If you resisted the temptation of cutting your hair for your beauty into a ultra-chic bob and you have a nice long hair as a deposition for the others that sustains how much you invested in caring it beautifully and healthy, I have two good news for you!

The first is that men will always prefer long hair, in spite fashion trends, and the second is that for this length you have more options for styling, so you can have anytime a chameleonic look. 

The straight way!

Straightened hair is in vogue for many seasons, but still, I don't know who can claims that got bored of it.

If you want your long hair to become smooth and glossy, brush it with your fingers after washing it until it is dried naturally.

Don't forget that smoothing mousse offers you the absolute control of the styling, but only if it is applied individually on every hair section.

Then, style your hair with the help of the hairdryer, section by section. After what you have done this painstaking part, finish the aspect of your hair by helping yourself with the hair straightener. At the end of it, mark a straight parting and fix it with hair spray for preventing the cockled effect caused by humidity.

Wild and sexy

For this natural look, apply on your fresh washed hair a styling mousse and, when he is almost dried, role it on some warm rollers with large diameter.

After what he got curly, dislocate your perfect curls with your fingers, in order to make it looks naturally and pull over it some hair spray on the roots for increasing the volume. You can add even some curly hair extensions if you want to maximize this effect.

At the end of it, apply some spray for shining, in order to have a healthy and full of life aspect for your hair.

The sweet classy style

A classy recipe for a stylish hairdo is the minimalist bun.

This hairstyle is very easy to achieve, it draws the attention on your face and make the best out of your neck. For obtaining a successful bun, apply some serum for shining on your dried hair and create a perfect parting, on the right side or even in the middle of your head, depending on how it suits you best or how you keep it in general.

Catch your hair into a tail, then twist it in a bun and fix it with small clams. If your hair is very soft, before catching it, pull some hair spray and then brush it in order to offer him more texture and resistance.

Evil attraction 

Seduction was in Middle Age an occupation attributed only to the heretics, though women were not forbidden that curly hairstyle
, which is so sexy it can born an evil attraction over the opposite sex.

In order to obtain this look, dissolve in your hands a small quantity of hair mousse and use it equally on your hair. By helping with a curler, make some dense curls and use plenty of hair spray to fix them well and to sustain them.

Offer them a break for a few minutes in order to have them fully fixed and after this slightly brush them. At the end of it, finish your art piece with a bit of wax and find an outfit rising at the level of your hairdo.

So, in what mood are you today? In fact, it doesn’t matter; you will look glamorous either way!


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