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We all love very vintage-inspired ponytail. This is a very romantic and feminine hairstyle and it’s perfect whether you are going to the a walking or to a cocktail party (of course, suitable accessorized).

It’s got a part, a little volume, plus some soft bouncy curls. This particular version is a very wearable one. If you want to get a little more dramatic, you’re welcome to put as much volume and curl as you want!

There are a LOT of steps in this tutorial, but that’s only because we wanted to be as detailed as possible.

Alright, here we go…

- Start with clean dry hair.

If your hair isn’t perfectly clean, give it a little shot of dry shampoo! You can do a side part or a center part– which ever you feel is more flattering to your face shape.

- Make a diagonal section starting at your part and going down in front of your ear.

- Now take the left side inside of that diagonal line that you just parted.

Clip it upside your forehead.

- Make the same diagonal line and on the right side.

Now clip the hair from the front section up and save that for later.

- Give the hair a nice tease on top in your “crown area”.

- Smooth over the teased hair using the finer side of the comb so it doesn’t appear too ratty.

At this point you can give the top a little spray if you want to!

- Now, put all the hair in the back into a nice, high, secure ponytail.

It’s okay if you end up flattening out the teased bump a little bit because…

- You can use a tail comb to pull it back up.

As long as there’s teased hair under there, you can get that volume back.

- Next we take out the front section.

Take one side and drape it over the ponytail holder. Use a little spray to hold it in place if you need to.

- Use small bobby pins to secure the pieces you’re wrapping around the ponytail holder.

- Repeat the same thing on the other side.

If your hair falls out of this section or it doesn’t reach, you can just let it fall and/or tuck it behind your ear.

- Curl all of the hair in the ponytail.

You can curl everything in the same direction on each side so that you get a pattern going, but you can definitely make a more messy curl if you’d rather.

- It’s completely up to you whether you brush the ponytail curls out or not.

If you do decide to brush them, the ponytail will get fuller and more bouncy.

- Check the back using a hand mirror and make sure it looks balanced.

Give it a final veil of strong holding hairspray.

Good luck dolls!


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