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Author: Tin Pan
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The Ancients were the first to notice that everything is related in the Universe, as Astrology and the cosmic events are perfectly synchronized with the earthy ones.

Furthermore, as there are 12 different zodiacal constellations in Astrology, that are repeating each year, it was noticed that there is a strong connection between someone's personality and that corresponding astral events.

Read this article to read the general characteristics of personality depending on the zodiacal sign in astrology.


Opinionated and entrepreneurial, the Aries native follows his own way may even obstinately. An authentic Aries is lively, enterprising and full of enthusiasm for everything new. Intrepid, often naive, is full of ideas, has initiative and immediately goes into action, because he wants everything quickly. The Aries native feels at ease in clear situations as he doesn't like ambiguities. He decides without appeal, he is very rational, and he can and wants to lead. Also, he has technical and practical skills. The negative aspect of Aries is that he is overzealous, which can become harmful. Aries native can be brutal, angry, and argumentative.


An authentic Taurus thinks and acts according to the reality. He knows his limits, loves order, is objective, he doesn't mix obligations with fun, he is ​​patient, strong, practical, loves music and arts and, especially, he likes to keep things simple. He is the adept of naturalness and lack of complications. He is hearted, sociable and has sense of humor. Thoughts and feelings are guided by the idea of ​​ownership, even if it's about a partner. Taurus zodiac sign can be tough, unilateral and inflexible, adamant in his prejudices. In addition, Taurus behavior depends greatly on the state of mind, which does nothing but to pull him down.


Gemini is sensitive, energetic, talkative, he loves changes, is sociable but often indecisive. A native Gemini is adapting easily, curious, interested in many things, being the perfect mediator. It is sociable and always looking for the cheerful side of life. Kindness, diplomacy, mercantilism are talents that allow him to successfully address many areas. Active and creative, he looks for the fascinating and unusual. If the moment interests are too powerful, the Gemini veers about like a weather cock. He is undecided and unstable. The most common defects of the Gemini zodiac sign are nervousness, lack of concentration and infidelity, motivated by sanguine temperament.


Native Cancer is cautious, inclined to meditation and endowed with imagination. He needs safety; he is introverted, loving, gracious, sensitive, dreamy and eager for silence. Also, the Cancer is dominated by feelings and he hears his inner voice, has hunches and intuition warned him often. Helikes to be praised and he is grateful for received praises. Creativity can help him to affirm in the artistic field. The Native of Cancer respects social conventions and recognizes the need for discipline, even if it's hard to settle. It is, however, and very likely, easily offended and resentful. May be unstable, which makes him to be eager for change. In dealing with others, he is sometimes too introverted. Although it does not pretend to know everything, he always wants to have the last word.


Leo zodiac sign is confident in their own strength, proud, generous, and known to represent his interests, he likes attention and he can be condescending. Leo is aware of his value and he's always concerned about the merits to be properly recognized and to stand out. He has a great need for respect. Also, he is ambitious and creative. A Leo knows how to create effective appearances. He wants to be the "first violin", he organizes his success, seeking social prestige. He is fair and generous. Sometimes, a Leo may seem arrogant. Egocentrism and self-admiration may cost him the sympathy of others. He loves theatrical appearances and in family he tends to take the role of master. Strong feelings can lead him to speculation and adventure. Also, he can be selfish.


Modest, objective, thoughtful, with a pronounced sense of duty, Virgo can be a good scientist, accountant or critical, because he has great analytical skills. He is a rational being and very careful to details. He acts carefully and correctly, but he is critical. Native of Virgo loves nature and studying. He appreciates a simple life and does not like experiments. In addition, he relies on patience and perseverance rather than adventure and speculation. He makes long-term business plan and he also has teaching skills. Indecision can make a Virgo miss chances.


The Libra is charming, sociable, a good diplomat, he accepts compromises and he can be indecisive. His loving and harmonious character is controlled by reason. He is the warm-hearted, an innate diplomat and he masters the art of behaving with others. In addition, he is versatile; he has good taste and artistic talent. He loves the colors, pictures, music and dance and he stands out due to his pleasant appearance.


Native of Scorpio is decided, refined, mysterious, and curious. He can be jealous and leery. Scorpio can fascinate because of his strong character, the more that has something mysterious in it. The will and desire to impose his individuality, his instinct of preservation, tenacity and perseverance, a way of thinking and acting strongly influenced by feelings - are other very pronounced features of Scorpio, which can be added a good knowledge and awareness of objectives, pride and self-respect. As he is always energized, Scorpio can easily fall into extremes. His attitude towards others is marked by mistrust. He can be cunning, vindictive, aggressive, stubborn and overly jealous.


Native of Sagittarius is friendly, passionate, and tolerant and he loves freedom and adventure. Sagittarius is guided by ideals, until he decides to retire in a secure social position. Also, he is friendly, open, and optimistic. He may be, however, extremely arrogant.
Sagittarius success is due both to intuition, as well as the availability of action and mobility. The organizational talent is remarkable. He is adamant to its fundamental principles, which are honesty and justice. Sagittarius is an honest fighter who loves sports and nature, being generous towards themselves and towards others.


Capricorn native is disciplined, loyal, serious, and practical and he is oriented towards success. He hardly gains confidence in others. He has a strong sense of reality. He focuses on essentials, is diligent, persistent, economical and fair. Native of Capricorn is a man you can rely on. He spends his energy methodically and he climbs slowly on his lather of goals. He likes to have a safe road and he avoids experiments. Also, he has skills to practice as an engineer, administrator, builder or craftsman (usually in professions related to the earth). If the Sun is badly aspected, the native of Capricorn can think and act selfishly, inclined to overstatement, is stubborn, hypocritical and because of distrust of others, he hardly open his heart.


Native Aquarius is unpredictable, imaginative, and eager to develop his ideas. He can be cold rebel and, also, an unusual man. Uranus, who patronizes him, it gives vivacity and originality. Aquarius native is active, not boring. He has many good ideas. Moreover, he is attracted to all that is old, vintage, mysterious and indecipherable. Native Aquarius is progressive. For him, the future has already begun. Although individualistic, he enjoys shining in the middle of society. He appreciates the modern way of spending life and progress means everything to him. The Sun bad aspects indicate tension and instability. His quirks make him seem eccentric. Because of his contradictory way of thinking and feeling, he sometimes makes incorrect decisions and is often unfair in business.


Complex, understanding, friendly: the native of Pisces is a dreamer. He has difficulties in being practical. Native of Pisces is sensitive, responsive, comfortable, genial and sociable, modest and willing to sacrifice for others. He has lots of humor. Pisces is rich of fantasies make the dreamer of the zodiac. He understands very well the others and so he can get out of critical situations. Moreover, he is very courageous and conscientiously fulfill its obligations and in time. Professionally, he is a great collaborator, who gladly let others order. Pisces predicts their weaknesses. Sometimes he is too secretive and tends to retreat into his world. May be attracted to drugs, speculation can lead to damage.


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