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Author: St. Pan
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Astrology can show us what type o lover is he.

At the beginning of every relationship, all in love man makes everything possible to impress his new girlfriend, so he will adopt a perfect behavior.

So, don't fall into the trap…


We already know that Aries are born leaders.

In a couple, the
Aries want to have all the control and that's why he is attracted to apparent docile women who let him make the first step. He could offer you strong emotions, but not stability.

Strong points:
generosity, fidelity and honesty

Weak points:
possessiveness, egoism and intolerance when you're not doing his way.



He is a rational man who will balance much the decision

of beginning a relationship. But when he does, he transforms his self into a romantic one who appeals to love letters and serenades for impressing you.

Strong points:
calm, responsibility, strong attitude

Weak points: 
traditionalism and ego as he doesn't get crazy after intelligent and independent women who can threaten his masculinity.


His friendly and happy mood is contagious and attracts you in a irresistible way.

If stability seems to you boring, Gemini is your soul mate because
he's the most shifting from the zodiac.

Strong points: his power of empathizing and colorful spirit. You will never get bored, but you will shift from one extreme to another.

Weak points: restlessness and unavailability. So, if you are a possessive one you will never agree.


The Cancer guy will attract you with his conversational abilities
and, also, with his sensitive nature.

Once you will start a relationship with him, you will notice his
intuition and protective instinct. He will spoil you with gifts but he asks in exchange lots of compliments and sentimental assurances because failure in love is a real phobia for him.

Strong points:
precaution, good manners and dreamy attitude

Weak points:
pessimism, jealousy and introversion 


The Leo man will seduce you with his enthusiasm and ingenious manners.

Flatter him, adore him and show him how much you appreciate him
and he will be yours. He needs a well-balanced partner and he might interrogate you a little, as he doesn't tolerate competition.

Strong points:
passion, courage and determination.

Weak points:
egocentrism, the bellicose attitude and insensitivity.


You will be attracted by the Virgo man's flexibility.

He adapts and makes compromises easily as he is a realist.
He likes to play hard to get, so, if you don't like the love games he will make you hard days, but only until he decides he wants a serious relationship with you. If he cross this bridge, he transforms into a devoted boyfriend, who barely goes out with his friends and never lets you down.

Strong points:
moral integrity, devotion and compassion.

Weak points:
the need of criticizing, the hesitation of emotional involvement and chastity.


When he falls in love, he is able to appeal to any tricks for seducing the one.

So, if you are the one, you should find out that he will also be your best friend because he puts the equal sign between friendship and love. He is rational and peaceful. He adores you to take the lead and make plans for both of you.

Strong points:
altruism and correctness.

Weak points:
indecision and the difficulty of remaining faithful.


He is a passionate man when it comes to love, but he won't show you this from the start.

At the beginning you will perceive him as a calm and balanced boyfriend, as the Scorpio man excels in masking feelings. He tends to take the control, so you can wake up with the plans for holiday already done. A hint: tell him today that you miss him and forget to call him tomorrow. He gets bored easily and he needs a bit of mystery for remaining in a relationship.

Strong points:
initiative, passion and intuition.

Weak points:
the need of domination and repressing feelings.


He is an idealist and optimist so he will charm you right from the beginning.

He will tell you straight what his expectations are from you, without any games or hesitations and he is very tolerant. In exchange, be honest with him, tolerate him and don't show him you're jealous.

Strong points: dynamism, honesty and tolerance.

Weak points:
naïve, the need for freedom and shallowness.


Under a tough aspect of strong man, there hides a shy guy who prefers stability.

He will give you his heart very hard, but if he does, it's forever.
He is extremely loyal and devoted, so he will win your trust easily. He needs you to compliment him, as he is a vulnerable nature.

Strong points:
faithfulness, stability and ambition.

Weak points:
shyness, obsession for his reputation.


He prefers to transform friendships into love stories and he doesn't believe in love at first sight.

He wants his girlfriend to be a good friend and have many common interests.
He is an enigma when it comes to a relationship, as he is emotionally unpredictable. In a relationship, he might put you many "what if" questions and test you.

Strong points: enthusiasm, originality and curiosity.

Weak points:
unfaithfulness, the critique nature and the hesitation of putting the relationship on the first place.


The Pisces man is an artist in love.

Dreamy by definition, he lives your love story as a fantasy and he would do anything for not waking up to the reality. That is why
he will surprise you with romantic gestures and love declarations under the moon light, but not from the beginning.

Strong points: compassion, the power to empathize and romance.

Weak points: fear of failure, drama and emotional instability.


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