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Author: Tin Pan
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Have you ever wondered what kind of father your partner will be?

If the answer is yes, than for sure you will want to read our below lines with the help of astrology.

Today we thought to ask a bit the stars to see what the zodiacal signs tell about the man form your life. Will he be a good father?


The Aries father will overwhelm his child with all his attention.

Energetic and protective nature, he is the kind of man who, once having children, will completely change his list of priorities. Even the most dedicated aeries, who works from dawn till dusk, manages to reinvent his life and his whole working schedule, once he becomes a father, so that he has the necessary time for his family. Most of the aeries will protect more than necessary their children, but this fact cannot be changed by nothing and no one. It is their natural way of understanding love towards children.


The Taurus father is the father who loves spare time spent with his family, far from home, making different recreational activities.

You will early notice that he will start to manifest this desire, even if the child is still little. Also, he is the father who pays a very big importance to child's education and, because of this, he will want to subscribe his kid to as many classes and extracurricular activities as possible.


The Gemini man understands affection towards children in a unique manner, unfound it any other sign: a true and deep friendship.

He will be child's best friend and he will love him unconditionally, without suffocating him with his love. The only problem that might appear in the Gemini father is that, despite the very close relationship with his child, he will never insist too much for his child to respect rules, no matter if they regard only school or society, because he doesn't believe in them too much.


The father Cancer is a very loving and patient father, interested by every aspect regarding his child's life, whether we talk about his friends, school activities of hobbies.

Generally speaking, Cancers are very proud with their children and they give them all the support and care they need. The only somehow negative aspect between the cancer father and his child is the control he wants to have over his son or daughter. So, there are chances when the little one becomes an adolescent to appear some issues between them.


The Leo man will change from the very moment he will find out he will become a father.

Therefore, from that instant, he will absolutely change all of his priorities and, hence, everything that he will do from that moment will be for his child. Being very affectionate and understanding with children, the Leo man is the father every child dreams of, especially when he is little because he will accomplish all the desires of his child.


Being rather responsible than affectionate, the Virgo father will always want his child to have the best education possible.

That is why he will concentrate very much his attention on the school and extracurricular activities of his little one. No matter what your child will want to do with his life - arts, science - he will find in the Virgo father a real support and this will offer him more self-confidence.


It is said that the Libra man is so conceived that, no matter what would happen, he will never ever put his child before the beloved person.

Yet, this doesn't mean that he doesn't love his child; on the contrary, their relationship can be a very beautiful one, but this is his way to be. All he wants is to offer his child many, many freedom, being an adept to a more relaxed lifestyle.


The Scorpio father is a very friendly one with his child, but at the same time, very strict.

He will try to educate his child since early ages and he will have great expectations from him. He will always want his child to have a real system of values around him and he will teach him, as much as he will be able to, a little of everything. For the Scorpio father nothing is more important than a rich general culture and his child will be almost forced to learn it.


As a parent, the Sagittarius father is very affectionate with the girls and a very good friend with the boys.

Between the two of them, there are big chances for a strong friendship to develop, but so strong that the little one will come to share with him all sorts of secrets and to let you on the outside. Besides this, the Sagittarius fathers are very understanding and they seldom come to have fights with their children.


The Capricorn man is a real head of a family and his highest values are respect and discipline.

That is why he will try to teach his kids this principles, insisting at the same time on children's education. Even if he won't show his feelings in too many situations, he loves his child and he will try to do everything that is possible for assuring him a healthy and good life.


The Aquarius man has a relaxed relationship with his kids and he rather puts the accent on the recreational activities:

he will love to go with them at walks in the park, he will take them in the mountains and at the seaside, different sort of excursions. Still, when it will come to their education or other more serious issues, the responsibility will be on you. Children love him and often they are very good friends with the Aquarius father.


The father from the Pisces sign will adore his children and, just like Aquarius father, he will take them in different sorts of excursions.

Still, this doesn't mean that he will ignore their education, but on the contrary! The Pisces man really cares about this and he will want to help his child to become as balanced as possible. In addition, he will support the little one when he will want to take different extracurricular activities, such as ballet or piano classes, and he will try to fulfill every wish. Pay attention though when the children are little because the Pisces father has the tendency of spoiling them too much.

Last, but not least, don't forget that this information is guiding and the features of personality are given both by zodiac sign and the ascendant.


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