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Author: Steve Smakin
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Google Demonstrates Tablet Troops in Conjunction With App Workshops

The year has seen the gadget market flood with tablets. Many tablets have made their debut in the present year. The Android by Google’s is not taking off. The problem is not with the hardware. It is the absence of specific tablet-optimized apps. Now when things are not happening, Google has decided to make a change.

Starting from August 2 this year, Google has declared hosting of a full series of workshops specifically tailored for programmers who are looking forward to integrate their apps to Android tablets.

ADLs, also known as Dubbed Android Developer Labs, with Google will host 1-day workshops in 3 different cities in the U.S. The workshop will also be conducted in Bangalore, India.

According to Tim Bray, the Android Developer, the workshops are specifically targeted towards optimizing Android apps for tablets. Bray mentioned in his blog post that developing superior quality tablet apps in conjunction with focus on polish and dynamic consumer-experience.

The workshop on Google’s app is known to be one of several efforts to gathersupport for the latest mobile platform.

In fact, Google has come up with the latest version of its search engine. It has been optimized precisely for tablets and emphasizes on user interface tweaks. These tweaks are accurately focused on publicizing to the tablet form factor.

Google is working really hard to make the Android Market as comprehensible and user friendly as it can. It is frequently coming out with significant changes including a refurbished interface. It has also included many new app categories to woo customers and offer them the best possible choices in the field of mobile communication.

The visual changes might help a lot in spurning a highly customer-friendly app setting. Google will be under benefit here because the market does not have a tablet-specific app to offer to customers.

According to a study conducted by AndroidCentral, a mobile enthusiast site, only about 292 apps optimized specifically for tablet were available to Android Honeycomb consumers on the market.

On the other hand, Apple’s App Store claims to possess more than 100,000 iPad-specific apps.
Google is currently working on the next software version release.

This is for the Android code known as ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. The workshops proposed by Google will facilitate in offering the best in class devices for consumers in the near future.


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