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Author: Steve Smakin
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Build your Business using Facebook: Top Ways to do this

Do you have a Facebook page? If you do not have a Facebook page for your business yet, then it is high time you get started with one. It is no secret that social networking and social media has set the world on fire. People are using these sites to benefit from the maximum.

Be it for business or personalized affair, social networking is everywhere. You would not have realized the potential of Facebook beyond chatting with friends, playing games, uploading pictures and updating status.

Most people don’t know that you can actually build a business of your own and promote it extensively via using Facebook.

Facebook is a fabulous way to reach to your audiences for business. You can even advertise you products and services on Facebook.

These pages can prove to be an incredible marketing as well as communication tool for your business. You would have never imagined about an easier way to interact with your community.

This also helps in relaying well-timed information for you and attracts new clients.

Here is what can actually help you build your business via using Facebook:

* Facebook enjoys more than 500 million users. You would be surprised to know that if Facebook was a nation on this planet, it would be third largest country in the whole world

* Any average Facebook user enjoys more than 130 friends

* There are more than 3 million active Pages on Facebook. More than 20 million people press 'like' to these Pages.

There are several ways in which you can use Facebook to extend the news and happenings related to your business.

You can use the following tips to benefit from you business Facebook page:

* First you must secure your Facebook username and create your Facebook 'vanity' url. Thesemust be very short and easy to remember. Remember that you can choose a username just once.

Hence you need to select it with great care. It would be wise to choose a name that you will be comfortable publishing and using on all your marketing materials.

* Now add the Facebook link to your email signature. You need to use this to all your email newsletters. You should offer viable reasons for potential clients to become fans to your page.

Try promising free Facebook giveaways, pre-launch notifications etc to create curiosity and interest among clients.

* You need to take care of updating your Facebook page as often as you can. Facebook is all about a community. This will help you focus on creating a long lasting relationship with your potential clients and followers.

Strictly avoid spamming your audience with self promotion strategies and advertisements. Your motive should be to engage them with useful tips, suggestion and links to help them in all possible ways.

* You may even focus on running Facebook competitions and ask your audience to post reviews on a specific product or service.

Offer a gift in return. Great discounts and prices can also be a great way to help and attract new clients for your business.


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