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Author: Julia Alberts
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How can Social Networks help with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing or wireless marketing is defined as the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication or distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks.

It's a set of practices that enables marketing organizations communicate and share with their public in an interactive way through any mobile device or network. It has really gone far since more and more mobile device users are spending time on social networking sites.

There are plenty of ways you can benefit with mobile marketing through social networking.

* A major advantage of mobile marketing via social networks is that it offers giving customers a personal touch, by knowing exactly what to present to who and when

* More and more people are connecting to their social networking sites via mobile phone devices, even more than on PCs.

The reason is that connecting on these sites is much more simple and accessible on mobile phones than on PCs. It's very easy and affordable, and these days it's a common trend to rather update your status quickly via mobile device than sitting in front of a computer.

* Along with the expansion of Internet and social networking sites came people, therefore publicity. The main goal of marketing is to have as many audience as you can, and social networking sites are the largest centers of that, overflowing with real, ordinary people offering a high degree of publicity.

A great amount of people are employed in this area just for making a marketing plan – deciding what you're gonna say, who you're gonna say it to and when you're gonna say it. Those three things are the most relevant and combined achieve the best results.

* A very important thing is that the marketer develops trust of his followers. In todays world, with people being more and more aware and cautious with Internet and social networking sites, this can only be accomplished with an extremely good marketing plan.

* Once the trust factor has been established, you can expect customers to start spreading the word to their family and friends. This way the marketer can be assured of a good relationship with the customer, therefore getting benefits long after his campaign ends.

* Average people are visual types. A sale of a product can be greatly boosted with creative and colorful presentation of that product.

The marketer always has to have in mind people need to be amused and entertained in order to be at least a little bit interested in the product he is offering, especially while spending time on a social networking site, probably not interested in viewing ads.

Just like marketing plans experts are very important in this business, people who take care of the visual presentation of a product are even more important. They have to think of creative and original ways to make their product pop and to make it appealing and thought-provoking.

* Targeted audience is the best way to have a positive turnout on your products. Social networking sites are the best possibility for marketers to filter and organize people who are they going to try to sell their products to. Marketers can easily analyze customers preferences and behavior based on their profiles and previous connection with ads.

By this, marketers can offer a highly personalized service to their customer. The site also gives them demographic data when their customer is online.

There is also a great amount of people hired in this area, specialized for studying behaviour and habits of the audience so that they could understand them, provide a better service, and know what to expect from potentional users.

* Probably the greatest advantage of mobile marketing via social networks is that mobile social networking offers the marketer the benefit of adjusting his marketing campaign in real time, thereby helping him constantly improve upon his campaign strategies.

* Marketers also use their clienteles current location to target the audience. This is a subject of many debates these days. How can targeting audience based on current location help to sell a product?

With the growth of mobile marketing, new ways are discovered every day. For example, marketers offer good deals to their customers near their current location.

It's a win-win situation- marketers get the targeted clientele they want, and customers also get benefits by finding out offers specialized to their location.

A good example of location-based marketing is when the Washington Redskins offered giveaways for check-ins to their home field and 27 different bars and restaurants around D.C.

This campaign resulted by raising their Twitter followers to 15,000 and Facebook fans to 430,000.

To sum it all up, the major goal of marketing is having a well-targeted audience, and it could not be achieved better then on social networking sites.

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