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Author: Julia Alberts
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Online Social networking, Problems and solutions

Community or Social networking is termed as an activity of some individuals towards forming a particular group with many things common, like hobbies, exchange of information with each other's similarly small rustic society.

The social networking is also probable on the private or personal level, for example, employees at a same place of work, students in a college or school.

The most common and fast forum to make a social community is the Internet, the virtual world. We recognize as the World Wide Web (WWW).

It is always good and positive to move yourself in the society. This activity keeps you updated about the latest information of your interests and benefits. Social networking is growing quickly all over the world due to the Internet, which makes the world a global village.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can exchange and share their interest with others by registering on the different online websites.

Creating an account on the website is a very simple process anyone can do it easily in a matter of minutes. These websites provide common medium in the arena of online social networking known as social networking sites.

These websites act as the online society where many people of the same thoughts and interest are online sharing and exchanging the information and making friends.

With advantages, there are also some risks involved. As there is a common risk behind any type of joy so as there are a lot of benefits you enjoy while using social networking websites. You should need to know certain risks of social networking.

Stealing your identity, data and virus attacks are the most common and usual problems that one can face while hanging out on social networking websites.

This will happen by your friend or an unknown new person intentionally or unintentionally. You should be careful and taking necessary cautions while connecting online with someone for the first time.

This is true that you do not want to share your personal information that you do not want to be lost, like your credit card and social security card number.

The information mostly used in security questions such as the address, pet name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, your school, etc should therefore be read through very carefully.

The privacy policies also play an important role while making use of a social network website. There is a risk to lose information if you do not work according to the privacy policies.

These policies are long and complicated to read but beneficial for you to read them. It is important to protect your personal information earlier than to post it for the world to make a notice and prominently for thieves to access.

Following are the areas you should be especially cautious about and their solutions:

* Your Name:

Your name is the most essential point of information that could be used in identity theft, because it serves as a jumping point to stealing your identity. It happens sometime during a web search as a name shows all the important information that is required by an identity theft.

For protecting your identity use your nickname or just first name, and never endow with your full name.

In some cases, it is necessary to provide the full name, but you should make sure before providing it that it would be safe and protected. The wrong persons may hew into your account and take the information for misuse.

* Place of Birth:

Your Place of birth can lead to your real address. This information is valuable for the identity thieves because it allows them to create new accounts and change the old accounts. You should feed the wrong city name instead of the real one that will help you protect your real information.

* Date of Birth:

Your date of birth can also be used by the identity thieves against you. It looks very pleasant when you receive birthday cards from your friends be sure all greetings are from your friends and there should not be an unknown card, which may be reasoning of concern for you. You should provide a wrong date of birth to avoid that risk.

* Current address:

Entering in the social networking website you also need to provide the current address for communication.

An identity thief catches this piece of very vital information within a short time, by using the web. You should mention some other town and city. You can also leave some fields blank and should not use town and state where you actually reside.

* Maiden Names:

What is your maiden name or your mother’s maiden name? This is the question usually ask when you’re creating an account on social networking websites.

The maiden name also could be a source for snatching the information. You should use an unrelated maiden name to save your identity from the identity thieves.

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