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Author: Julia Alberts
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The booming mobile social network industry

The communication industry is growing dramatically, every single person these days has a cell phone and obviously a mobile connection to make and receive calls. Businesses in this sector have experienced a boom and they are still trying to cash in from the modern lifestyle of today’s people.

Social networks are a vital part of our lives too; we spend hours and hours on our favorite social network talking to friends, checking out their pictures sharing posts etc; we feel blessed by the convenience provided by these immobile social networks I can’t even imagine how people would react to a mobile social network.

Technology is on a mission to make our lives as simple and convenient as possible and I think it is succeeding brilliantly, mobile social networks have been there for a while but their popularity is increasing only recently and for this a lot of credit must be placed upon the development of new and innovative cell phones like iphone and BlackBerry etc.

From where I can see, the use of mobile social networks will dominate immobile social networks and I believe they are here to stay.

With this article I will introduce you to a few easy to use and fun mobile social networks, starting with, “”.

This social network isn’t different from the regular social networks except that every action you take or any command you give, it’s through your text message, it is very popular amongst teenagers or people who make spontaneous plans because you can conveniently blast your location, giving your friends a chance to join you.

Next on the list is “Hobnobster”, this is an online and mobile dating site, here single people with common interests can interact with each other, many people hook up on blind dates through this mobile social network, making it very entertaining and useful.

“Groovr”, this mobile social network is widely used; it provides basic social network functions like sharing your thoughts, pictures videos but the best and most unique feature about groovr is their city explore page, this page keeps you informed about the happening events taking place in your city.

It also has a particular likeness for the iPhone, presenting a special Groovr icon for iPhone users. Who knew that a social network could inform you through your cell phone about the party that you must visit on your night out!

Moving on, remember the times when you are just plain bored at home and thinking what possibly can you do to make your day better but are too lazy to call and text everyone?

Why not pick up your phone and use “Dodgeball” to update a place where you’d like all your fiends’ to gather for hanging out, the use of this social network is accelerating in people’s lives due to its help in making spur-of-the-moment plans.

“” is another famous mobile social network, the utility of this social network isn’t just limited to sharing posts and photos but it also provides as a backup source for storing your phone’s contacts, events and texts.

It has many other interesting features too that make it one of the favorite mobile social network, for instance, you can not only store data online you can edit the information too and if any of your contacts changes his or her personal information you will be updated instantly; it also provides extra features like photo tagging.

“Brightkite” is also a mobile social network whose popularity is increasing day by day, especially amongst twitter users; they are installing this mobile social network because it allows you to share your personal information like your location, pictures and notes etc.

Users can keep track of their friend’s movements and location even without a GPS system, this social network also provides a great deal of privacy settings to stop any form of stalking. Brightkite is the best form of mobile social network to use when you are constantly travelling either on vacation or on a business tour.

Many of us own an iphone so now I would talk about a social network that is limited to iphone, “Fon11”; what’s so special about this? Well, how about it provides you with an option to see how far are the contacts in your list from you, intriguing right?

This feature of Fon11 has made it highly popular amongst iphone users and many of them call it the hottest mobile social network; this application is different from the rest of the competitors because it allows you to choose your visibility settings and sharing of posts is very convenient due to the friendly and simple user interface.

Saving the best for last, how about using your favorite social network through you mobile? You can avoid the hassle of creating a new profile on a mobile social network and adding friends all over again by simply installing “Frengo”, well it technically isn’t a social network but a tool kit that allows you to access social networks like Facebook, hi5 etc.


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