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Author: Steve Smakin
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Do you want the latest iPod Touch 5 release date? Have you been waiting for it and want to know about the special specifications of the latest phone, pictures and speculations?

Reading all that is provided below will help you to find about what you expect to see from the latest.
iPod Touch 5.

The basic problem is that there have been no traces of iPhone 5 in the year 2011 just yet.


However, the Apple has already come up with some of the super cool inventions including iPad 2 and the Mac OS X Lionand the latest of all, the MacBook Air.

These are a way to compensate for the promised and much awaited version of drool over for the time being.

So what's next on the agenda for Apple? It could well be a next generation smartphone, but it might just be a shiny new iPod Touch 5.

A special Apple event was held last year in the month of September.
The entire family of iPod was renewed by the Cupertino company.

The all new iPod Touch and touchscreen iPod Nano were introduced during the endorsement.

What is the actual intention?
Could it be a way to propose a renovation?

You need to take a close look at the latest speculation as well as rumours that point out towards the latest version of iPod in the form of Touch 5.

Most of the evidence was pointed to an iPod Touch 5.
The courtesy of iOS 5 has been in the hands of its developers for the past several months.

Shamrock, the regular user on the forum known as iFansforum revealed some see-through code while looking about iOS 5 beta 1on the present iPod Touch model.

The code string he found read as the following:

“Although this might be a sign that a novel iPod Touch is received, it could also propose that re-design of the Apple PMP might not be as intense as some believe.”

The iPod Touch 5 3G in Conjunction with GPS Support

The most impressive rumours related to iPod Touch 5 has been associated to the iOS 5 beta 4 release.

It directs to a brand new Touch that potentially boasts the wonderful 3G data connectivity.

A toggle is known to be displayed to demonstrate the option to switch from Wi-Fi to a mobile network.

This indicates that the overall scope to utilize user’s Touch in conjunction with a VOIP app such as Skype.

This can also promote usage of the Apple iMessage service in order to add up to the overall iPod Touch functionality.

In addition to this, a screenshot taken from the iOS 5 beta 4 point towards the latest GPS capabilities.

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