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Author: John Pan
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Ways to control Vitamin Deficiency by consuming Fruits

All of you are well aware of the fact that you need to have a balanced diet in order to possess a healthy body that definitely gives way to healthy mind. No matter how hard you try to be on a balanced diet, you tend to miss some nutrients that are essential for you.

It is always advisable that you take in essential nutrients by having a balanced diet rather than depend on vitamin supplements available in the market.

You seem to be in a fix right now, as on one hand you are being told that it is not possible to have a balanced diet just by depending on your regular intake of food, while on the other, you are advised to keep away from vitamin supplements available in the market.

Do not worry, as you can have most of the essential nutrients if you can have some fruits on a regular basis.

Fruits form an important source of vitamins

Fruits form an important source of the vitamins that are essential for your body. Having all the varieties of fruit ensure a better physical and mental health of an individual.

If you can have fruits regularly, it would work in preventing a number of diseases.

At times, we tend to give up a fruit only because we do not like to have that food. We do it without even considering the fact that we would be losing on the essential nutrients available in that fruit.

Benefits of having apple, orange and bananas

Most of you tend to avoid banana just because you do not like the taste of this fruit. You fail to realize that banana is rich in Vitamin B that is extremely beneficial to improve your immune system.

Vitamin B is also crucial as it increases metabolic activities in our body and helps in converting carbohydrates into energy, essential for our body.

Furthermore, Vitamin B deficiency can lead to serious ailments like beriberi and heart disease. You can also suffer from fatigue and laziness due to Vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamins available in fruits are also instrumental in ensuring a fresh and glowing skin.

Orange and apple are very rich in Vitamin A, which is essential for retaining the strength of the body as well as to prevent night blindness and weak bones.

Speaking simply, oranges and apples are good for improving eyesight.

They are also essential for strengthening your bones. Although strength in the bones is essential for people belonging to all age groups, it is especially essential for students.

Refreshing quality of fruits

Fruits are extremely refreshing owing to its sweet and rich taste. In order to feel energetic and fresh, it is advisable to have fruit juices regularly. Vitamins belonging to B complex group are essential for better cell growth in your body.

Fruits like banana, lemon, strawberry, grapes, apple, orange, and mango are anti-oxidants that work in protecting cells and body tissues and prevent it from being damaged. They are essential in preventing cancer as well.


It is essential for you to understand that physical and mental health of an individual is linked with each other. If a person is fit physically, he or she would definitely enjoy an excellent mental health.

The vitamins available in fruits are beneficial to maintain commendable mental and physical health. So, have fruits regularly in order to enjoy great health!


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