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Author: Tin Pan
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It seems like social networks, especially the popular ones - Twitter and Facebook- are not quite good for your health. So, despite the negative impact that sitting hours in front of a screen or keeping your laptop on your legs, it seems that social networks have something to say in our state of mind.

An English study, survey type, gathered the necessary information for the scientist
for proving that these types of sites have quite an important impact over the human behavior and this impact is not really a positive one.


A part of the surveyed ones declared that Facebook and Twitter destroyed their self-esteem because of the continuous comparison with their virtual friends.

Two thirds declared
that it was extremely hard for them to sleep or relax completely after what they have spent too much time on them. Moreover, a quarter from the ones that answered the survey confessed that, after they have become members of such online communities, they have started to confront with difficulties in their personal and even professional relationships.

To be more precise, from the total amount of surveyed people, 53% confirmed that they've experienced a behavioral change and 51% claimed that the impact was negative.

The more serious is that fact that they've confessed their worried states or discomfort when Facebook or e-mail accounts can't be accessed. This has proven, in the first place, the big power of the internet of giving dependence.

One of the authors of the study concluded:

"if you are predisposed to anxiety, it seems that technology has a serious word in it, social networks determining people to feel unsecure or overwhelmed".

Things are, in fact, simple:

You start seeing what other does, how they look,
dress, what cars they drive, where they spend their holidays, everything and, involuntarily, you start comparing yourself with them.

In that moment, you enter a competition with them, but one where patience has no place to be, because even if in the past hours/days you’ve done more than enough, when you’ll enter again you will see that other already have what you want. Here, you become anxious or depressed, depending on your background and you will only stop evolving.

Irregularities appear from the key moment when the individuals start in believing that the technology exercises control over them and not vice versa.

It is in our power to stop from time to time any social network site, the telephone, TV or any other technological innovation that "stress" us.

Unfortunately, as time passes, most of us forget how to do it!


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