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Author: John Pan
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It seems that we can now use the social networking platforms also for getting rid of the extra pounds.

According to a study conducted in England, the social networking platform Twitter is, again, one of the most developed 'club "in the world.

It seems that Twitter helps people who want to lose weight and can act as a second conscience, informs quoted on Thursday.

The conclusion?

Twitter can prevent you from doing excess food.

After a person has a menu posted on Twitter tonight, until this morning, had dozens of comments, most rebuking, that since she announced that it is to diet.

"In conclusion, twitter can act as a huge collective consciousness, making you ashamed for being greedy"
Flic Everett wrote, adding that for several months, ate more whole grain bread and hummus without any bit of fat.

"So, knowing that I would be a fool if I tweet what I eat, I started to think twice when I got in the fridge if you wolf down some cheese or a chocolate bar to cheer me"
says Everett.


It adds that, at first, her pursuers on Twitter they will find it tedious to find, with a forensic precision that is his stomach contents, but reaction virtual friends have encouraged her to do so.

Thus, collective consciousness prompted the journalist to give up delicious calorie pasta for soup.

"I decided to look good on Twitter," wrote Everett.

On the other hand, she said she lost two pursuers on Twitter the day he departed healthy eating and ate a generous portion of chips.

However, the journalist found that at the end of a week of diet, followed club
#tweetwhatyoueat, lost 1.2 kg of body weight.

In fact, all social networking platforms can work as a collective consciousness.

The actual reason stands in the fact that,
by assuming publically that you want to reach a certain goal and you are honest with what you actually did, whether good or bad, you will get feedback depending on what and how you did and so you will face with the real meaning of your actions.

This way,
you will act more responsible, for not facing a failure.

In the end, all social networking can be used for reaching any type of goals f you feel that you have problems with the motivation; you just have to have the virtual friends with the same occupation, so that they could really support you, to assume it and to make a journal of your activities that regard that certain goal.


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