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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Whether you admit it or not, everybody loves to be loved, envied and followed. True story! And thanks to internet God, you can finally realize that dream.

Here are a few tips on how you can be popular and get all the Twitter attention you need.

Using some sneaky steps and a little strategy, you can increase your followers, even though you think you’re not worth following.

Here are a few tricks:

Spam all your friends

This sounds crazy, but don’t worry, you don’t go to jail for this, I promise! Twitter makes it very easy to import contacts, go through your Facebook and Gmail accounts, load them up and follow everyone.

This way all your friends will get an email notification letting them know you are on Twitter; this way there is a high possibility for them to follow you back.

After the whole operation is finished, you can unfollow them.

Adopt the hash tag technique

This is one of the most efficient means on making yourself popular on twitter. Even though they appeared to you meaningless, useless and maybe stupid, hash tags that are in trend (they appear on the left side in a list) offer to the curious ones what others said about a topic that seems hot or major.

When they will access the hash tags there will appear a list with the latest tweets on that subject. So these is a very good opportunity for earning followers, retweets and start conversations that will also lead to more followers.

Buy attention

Well, we were talking about being popular not honorable. Go to Pay4Tweet, pick a couple of accounts, preferable fake celeb accounts, and tell everyone they should follow you. Yes, people actually buy that!

Hope to be noticed by famous people

Now this might take a while. Celebrity use to retweet you if you are an “awesome” fan and it your b-day or your dying (this is optional). There are no results guaranteed here, but sometimes it happens. Alex Baldwin, Ricky Gearvais and the Kardashians are pretty good at wishing Happy B-days!

Be the cool one!

Try not to be annoying, self-promote yourself too much or make bad jokes about Moby, for some reason people don’t like that. Just try not to be an asshole trying to be cool. If you have something awesome or did something awesome, tweet it (pictures are recommended)!

People will retweet, which means more followers, which means you are on your celeb path my friend.

Happy tweeting! 




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