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Author: …ulia Iliescu
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Facebook became public, and this means you are public too, because it makes you share more.

"Why that?" you might ask. Facebook needs to earn much more money to be worth the enormous cash it’s raising in its IPO.

Not to mention that Facebook's shares have been in a continuous decline right from the first week.

This, obviously, leads to the fact that Facebook must be more productive and must increase its profits.

Since his resources are its users with their personal information, they need to explore these even more. Of course, this is not the first time when Mark Zuckerberg abuses of these as we all remember that he was sued for these and he changed a bit the things since then by making or masking a real privacy for Facebook users.

Followingly, this means that much more personal information about will spread on the whole Web space.

As you already know Facebook is in competition with Google, which also makes money on selling users to advertisers, but trying to achieve a gold medal out of it, Facebook will be even more annoying than before.

As any other platform, the money that Facebook make is from ads.

Officially, Facebook earned 1.21 $/user, General Motors already said he won't longer make business with the social network because of its inefficiency.

So, Facebook has to figure out a way to make ads work better and to be more profitable which basically means to sell more and more private information about you, because in fact this dictates the price of the shares.

There are rumors that Facebook is so desperate after this money that even would make you look in the news feed of your friends or subscribers that you liked something that you actually hadn't.

The reason for this fact is quite simple:

the best and efficient marketing strategy is the word of mouth, as we all know. Another part of the strategy of making more money is based on the things that you share/like/post on Facebook.

You are constantly tracked by the social network: the things you search on the web, what you places you like, what you wear, eat, watch, listen and do and this is the most valuable information for the advertisers.

If you are a shopping addict or a football addict you fur sure will buy at least a pair of shoes/ purse or football tickets and why not ones for the games played abroad. The thing that we are permanently connected to Facebook on our notebooks, mobiles and tablets is more than helpful for them.

Maybe this is ok for some of you, maybe you are resigned with the thought that everything has a price and this is the one for being in touch with the ones you know and being popular, maybe this seems normal. But

I’m pretty convinced that someday we will be melancholic when thinking about those days when Facebook was only a social network!


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