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Author: Steve Smakin
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Man Suspect of Facebook Bomb Threat

The latest way to scare people with a bomb has been exposed recently. The medium has none other than the most popular social networking site, Facebook.

This is might be really surprising for people across the globe. However, this is true. A scary bomb threat was recently posted on Facebook to much shock and amazement of user around the world. The worst part is that there have been many pictures on the site too.

The scary bomb threat been posted by a business owner. He has a business of CLEANING. The business owner used Facebook and threatened many across the globe.

He said that he is going to ''kill all Jews and Christians''. His main purpose is to throw bomb in Sydney. The reports have also been confirmed by the police.

According to KhaledZakaria aged 30, the one who threatened over Facebook, the Parramatta Bail Courtcharged him with crime for using hoax threats. He just used a mobile phone to harass people around him. There have been many cases of using mobile phones, telephones and letters to threaten people.

However, this is the first time someone has been so bold and smart to use Facebook for the purpose. It is also unfortunate that such a useful and constructive media has been used in a bad manner.

In many of the documents offered to the court, police confirmed that Mr Zakaria, from Greenacre, allegedly threatened to the ASIO, bomb intelligence agency and stabbed higher authorities at the super max jail of Goulburn.

He got officers at the popular Bankstown police station under the Facebook profiles.

The profiles used were by the following names:

•    Kay Zee
•    KhaledIbn-Al Walid
•    KhaledIbn-Alwalie

Police suspected Mr Zakariaposted heavy threatening comments on the Australian Facebook Pages, Sharia and Ban the Burka.

The message went on like the following stated below:

''There's going to be a big bang in the City of Sydney on 30th of July, 2011. Watch out. Bang Bang.''

Luckily, the vigilance of security and the police has helped Mr Zakaria's get arrested on early by officers. The officers were from the team of joint counter-terrorism organization.

The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad also helped in searching the house up and down. A car and 2 mobile phones have been seized. Other associated items were also seized.

Derek Druitt, the lawyer of Mr Zakaria affirmed the court that his client might be a victim of mistaken identity.

This is because he employs about three people and one of them holds similar name and initials.
He also confirmed that the ''hoax'' messageposted utilizing a work phone is not a big deal  and does not prove anything about the his client because everyone in the office used the phone.

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