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Author: Steve Smakin
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Social Networking can make your Employer Upset

Social networking activities have become very common among people in offices and homes these days. These activities have changed the lives of many people across the globe. It has become really easy to get connected to friends and acquaintances worldwide in minutes.

However it is also true that there have been many disadvantages of using social networking sites, especially in offices.

It is true that your employers have been having a good time on these sites but he will certainly not appreciate his employee indulging in something like this.

Employers like using these websites to get information about job applicants, existing employees, and others.

You would be surprised to know that spending good time on social networking activities can get you terminated! So it is time to gear up and keep a restriction on your social networking activities especially at workplace.

According to a report, many employees were sued for their MySpace activities. This may really sound strange but true. Many employees have created a space on social networking activity where they can poke fun at their employers.

They want to give vent to their anger about the feelings they have for their employers. Now this can be really serious especially if your current employer gets to know about this. Making fun of your employer and supervisors can cost your job.

If you do not want to get fired by your employee due to your social networking activity, then you need to follow certain rules. Here is brief description of what you should do in this regard:
Restrict yourself

Restricting yourself is not bad. You need to keep control over yourself in order to keep away from any hazards resulting from social networking activity. Make sure that you do not do or say anything that you would not appreciate doing in public.

Remember that nothing that goes online remains private. You have said it to all; your friends, family and relatives and even friends of your friends.

You may think that everything is safe once you have set your profile private and locked it to only a set of people. A tiff between your friends and you can result in to leakage of all that you have said and written on your social networking site.

People are monitoring your social networking activity

Understand that your employer is closely monitoring your social networking activities. This means that one mistake can get you fired from your job in minutes. Keep things to a healthy limit and understand that things are going straight to your employer.

For instance, you said that you have taken leave for a health problem and your status update on social networking website says “Had a superb day shopping with my friend”. Now how do you expect your employer to react on this?

Keep confidential company information a secret

Your employer will definitely terminate you if you commit the crime of disclosing confidential company information via social networking activities. Avoid doing this.

Following the rules for social networking activity mentioned above will help you to stay in your present job for a long time or as long as you want.


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