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Author: Steve Smakin
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Facebook and LinkedIn can help your Business Grow!

A lot of people are under a notion that social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are good only for personal interactions an updates between individuals holding accounts.

Both these sites are also known to be the fastest growing online communities today accessed by more than millions of users across the globe.

There is no doubt that Facebook initially started off as a personal site. However this is not limited to personal site or interaction anymore. These days the site is busy adding dynamic features to make it apt for business.

Professional side of Facebook and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is recognized as the principal professional networking site today. It is also a fabulous tool for business owners. The basic goal of a social networking website such as Facebook is to help people connect with each other. This goal is accomplished via establishing friendships with people. This works really well professionally too.

For instance, if you realize that someone's profile is professionally related or attractive to yours, you can simply connect to this person via clicking a button "Add as friend".

When others find you on Facebook and like to connect professionally, you would receive incoming "Friend request". It is up to you to decline or accept the offer as per your requirements and preferences.

This indicates that Facebook has a tremendous potential to increase online audience for your business, its products and services.

A social networking wonder such as Facebook can be extremely helpful to you in finding bright and brand new prospects for your business. The best part is that it also helps you in being found by potential and new prospects.

How Facebook and LinkedIn Help

Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn hold great potential to get connected with friends. A direct network via these sites means getting connected with 200 people. Indirect network where each of your friends hold 100 friends means getting connected with 20,000 people!

These sites are also known for offering recommendation of friends of friends. These are actually based on various criteria such as location, likes, mutual friends, etc.

This also means that you can grow your professional and personal base of acquaintances. You can also see who is doing what. You can also get connected to these people easily.

You can benefits professionally a lot via using Facebook and LinkedIn. Your basic goal while doing so should be to have as many friends as possible. These must hold good relevance to your market. They can turn out to be your potential customers in future.

What to do to benefit?

When setting up a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn, make sure you include your business blog or website address. This should be included in an important location.

This will make it easy for people to reach to your business site from Facebook or LinkedIn profile. This also means that you would get visits from potential customers.

Uploading photos and video of yourself and business elements will offer authenticity to you business. The growth of Facebook and LinkedIn at a rapid pace is an indication that you can exploit them fully to business promotion.


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