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Author: Julia Alberts
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Ning, the best white labeling site out there

Anyone who has watched the movie “The social network” must know the importance of social networking these days, the potential that they hold in terms of investment and returns! Every single one of us, in the current generation at least, knows well the famous social networking giants like Facebook and MySpace.

What is interesting however, that lately a throng of syndicates have been trying their level best to reduce the central features of such websites to meager commodities.

These rapidly growing companies provide, self-proclaimed, “white label” social networking podia which, in simple words, allows their users to craft their own social networks and customize these networks to serve an assortment of tenacities.

The basic inkling of white labeling a grid is to make the daissource as imperceptible as probable, specifically, to the users of the social network and also to trademark the grid with the particular builder’s individuality or intent.

There are primarily three categories of businesses that have appeared in the arena of white labeling social networks. The first merely offers accommodated, by-yourself recipes with which users can simply click all the way to a brand new social network, in simpler words one does not need much technical know-how to execute a novel social network, spoon feeding if you will.

Considering their approach to their particular function these Enterprises interact negligibly with their users and simply emphasize on providing the network-spawning apparatuses that are hot in demand.

We, in this article, have chosen one such company named Ning, and we, in the later stages of the text, have tried to highlight how it functions.

Like most other contemporaries Ning provides free baseline services.

The second sort of syndicate offers downloadable social networking software for installation onto one’s server. And finally the third type works very thoroughly with customers to figure a social grid constructed on their particular needs.


Many surveys conducted by different organizations have concluded that Ning offers the finest stage for setting up a sophisticated social network with negligible exertion, primarily the reason why we decided to choose it for detailed elaboration in the first place.

Ning, which means “peace” in a literal sense, presently offers, by an extensive verge, the pre eminent platform for setting up entirely serviceable and handsome looking social networks from a mere scratch.

While countless competitors to Ning like GoingOn,, PeopleAggregator and ONEsite attempt to provide fundamentally the same unique and novel service as Ning none of them have yet been able to contest the proficiency of its produce.

The establishment’s vigilant performance has by far grossed it around 76,000 hosted networks! The regular Ning compendium permits conglomerates to figure, free of cost, an add-buoyed grid with all of the amazing features that Ning has to offer.

This eventually leads to a guided setup procedure in which the associate selects primarily a subject, tweaks appearances, along with loads of features such as videos, groups, photos, and blogging.

Within a matter of minutes, the associate is able to fashion a remarkable, fully-featured (no key features are excluded due to its costless nature) network that is up and running and is prepared to receive its first consignment of members, which can be requested by email or Ning ID.

This convenient and costless nature of their functionality has been known to be the primary cause of their rapid growth over the years.

Although for most members, the comfort in which they can set up a dense system is the selling point.

However, Ning correspondingly presents, for more radical members packages that permit networks to partly break out of the typical Ning arrangement; members can inactivate ads or even route their own ads for just $20 per month, additionally they can veneer their networks’ URLs for only $5 per month.

Moreover, they have admittance to Ning’s complete Designer Certification and an API for if they wish advanced customization. Primarily the API permits designers to take up the typical Ning system and retool it.

While the Ning network has the advantage of being made almost wholly unseen by eliminating the Ning toolbar and disguising the URL, this is somewhat compromised as all networks compered by Ning share the similar user base.

When a user joins any Ning grid as a member, he or she gets a Ning ID that also works with all additional Ning networks. Soon the one hand, this scheme amplifies the course by which users sign up for additional networks.

On the other hand, it serves as a relentless recap that the network is essentially hosted by a white label social networking platform. Most associates might not mind this at all, but some, who want to entirely brand their communal, might contemplate this as detraction.


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