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Author: Julia Alberts
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Embellishments to Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites, in addition to promoting interaction amongst people from all walks of life, have added attractions and embellishments which make the whole process of joining them all the more inclining and enjoyable.

These sites are being made more and more user-friendly as the days go by. This has resulted in millions of internet users being glued to their computer screens, enjoying the refreshing experience of sharing their views on discussion forums, visiting applications that permit them to do all the things that they would love to do in real life (for example, Farmville on facebook), and watching interesting videos posted by other people.

Moreover, they stay updated with whatever is happening in the lives of people in their immediate surroundings and they can easily get access to parties and other events simply by joining their pages.

Let us consider MySpace first. There is an option at the top of your MySpace profile that notifies people if you are in their extended network. You can get rid of this banner quite easily. This makes your profile look much better.

There is another option where you can hide your last login time on MySpace. You can enjoy more privacy by not letting all your MySpace friends know when you logged in the last time.

Another very interesting feature on MySpace allows you to mark those places you’ve lived in, places you have visited and those where you would like to go to, all in different colors. This is known as the “Where I’ve been map”.

You can add text around any new photos you add. For example, if you add a photo of a memorable trip with your friends, you could simply add a caption stating the place you visited and the exact location and time of the year.

This helps users create a comprehensive photo album of all their cherished memories. You can add a scroll bar to your friends and comments section so it no longer takes up a lot of space on your profile.

You can hide all the links at the top of your profile page, your profile URL, friends and comments, your age and location, top friends, etc. all under the MySpace code, that allows you to adjust your privacy settings according to your needs.

In addition, there is an exclusive community of MySpace users known as the MySpace Hacks where members can share opinions, advice, and all sorts of ideas to enhance their interpersonal skills.

Facebook has similar embellishments that make your profile page more attractive and the process of using your account more user friendly.

There is the auto login option on Firefox that eliminates the hassle of logging onto your account every time you want to visit facebook. The Texas theme for facebook makes your profile look like an offshoot of Texas.

The facebook notes quick edit option allows you to change the way your text looks, in terms of color, size, and font. You can even add images and links, and use headers.

Whenever you move your cursor over a photo on your profile page, the photo will show up in a larger size in the upper left corner of your facebook page.

You can also easily change the color scheme of your profile page and make it look more colorful and lively.

The “bearable facebook wallpost” feature allows the comments section to look bigger than usual, and you can leave longer posts on your friends’ walls without the comments section being hidden and you having to scroll down to view the comments.

The facebook Ad Cleaner feature permits you to remove any unwanted ads popping up on your facebook profile page, as well sponsored sections. The best part is yet to come. If you do not approve of the new facebook layout, you can simply undo the redesign and make your facebook page look like it did in 2007!

Other than MySpace and Facebook, Yahoo! also has features such as a personalized avatar that you can create for all your Yahoo! sites.

You can choose your avatar’s hair, clothes, face eyes, nose and just about everything else. You can even make it look exactly like you.

You can also add podcasts to MySpace, Google Page Creator, Blogger or your personal website. You can add music or podcasts that you have created to any of your web pages or profiles on social networking sites like MySpace.

Pyzam allows you to add toys and other fascinating and captivating features to your MySpace profile page.

You can completely change the layout of your profile by adding snow globe, fortune cookies, scratch ticket, creatures, jack-o-lantern, and much more. You can also add these features to your own personal web page.

RockYou allows users to add slide shows, fun notes, glitter text, countdowns, etc. to MySpace or any other social networking website you are a member of.


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