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Author: Tin Pan
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Google launched the Voice Search application, available for all Android operating systems.

With the help of this program, the users can rapidly make any search on the smartphone, by using voice instead of keyboards.

As communication needs evolve more rapid than ever, the American company that controls every search engine from the entire world invests in new technologies for improving the internet search experience from the mobile devices, according to the Google communique.


Voice search allows the users to search on the internet as easy as they speak on the phone.

The application uses a vocal technology for transforming the spoken words into text and then it makes the interrogation on the Google search engine the same that would happen if the data would've been introduced manually.

All the data is processed through Cloud hosted technologies, not on the cell phone, which means that the application is rapid and easy to use.

Considerable efforts have been made for collecting hundreds of thousands of idioms and for developing the vocal recognizing system.

The purpose was for Voice Search to make the difference in every day's life of the users.

When we are moving or we have our hands busy and we can't stop for typing the information that we need, this application is really useful and efficient.

People make daily billions of searches and now they can make it through Voice Search. Voice Search immediately responds to any usual type of searching
, such as:

the distance from London to New York, how the weather will be, what is the program from cinema or TV or what gift ideas are there.

The application generates exact searching results in order to cover all the possibilities.

The ones that want to inform their selves better will have at their disposal the familiar list of searched Google results.

Every language generally needs an initial collecting of hundreds of thousands of pronunciations from volunteers.

So, as much as the application is being used, as more precise results it offers. Google Voice Search usage depends on the mobile phone's type.

If the phone runs on Android 2.2 or a newer version, the search can be initiated on vocal mode by the simple touch of the pictogram with microphone, in Google’s search box, from the main screen. Otherwise, the application can be installed from Google Play.

The application can be used in a single language at a time and using a new language would mean the changing of the language settings.

Voice Search application is now available for 100 billion of people that speak 42 languages and dialects from 46 countries.


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