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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Just as Apple keeps the tradition of launching one iPhone every year, in the same period of time, we got used with the rumors that precede it.

In this article, we gathered all the presumptions about the new iPhone.

Regarding the appearance of this mobile phone, the rumors really seem to be the same with the reality: it will look much alike the actual one; black or white, as usual.

Secondly, the display it will be, most probable, 4 inches and 16:9.
Technically speaking, it will have an IGZO screen- they are thinner as they use smaller transistors, allowing these way more light to pass through.

This also means that they will use fewer LEDs, therefore less space and power.

Thirdly, it is well-known that the new iPhone it will run
on iOs 6.
This was announced at WWDC in June.

The main novelty: its own mapping system and some cool new features like Passbook.

the peripherals, all rumors lead to a smaller dock connector.

So, just like the MagSafe 2 adapters, the reported 19-pin dock connector seems to be a necessity.

If we recall, this have been a problem for 2 years, when iPod Touch reached the critical thinness mass.

Moreover, there are very small chances that the new iPhone come without4G LTE. First of all, Apple must keep up with Android and Windows Phone and second off all, Apple has been installing LTE equipment in its stores since last year.

As we know so far from what iMore reported (that seems the most legit), the iPhone will be announced alongside a new Ipad Mini on the 12th of September and released on 21th.

It's true that this means about a month earlier than rumored (iPhone 4S was released in October), but since the rumors, the actual model lost in popularity and expects its successor.

We strongly believe that the new model
will be called "iPhone 5", even though it's the sixth model.

Still, more likely it would be that Apple will abandon the numbers from the name of it, like it did with the iPad this year. So, it could be released as "the iPhone".

Still, don't be so sure about these rumors.
Apple is almost every time full of surprises.

So, who knows, maybe they've deliberately confused us and the new iPhone will look lot different of what it is rumored.

However, we will find the truth in a very short amount of time!


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