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Author: Steve Smakin
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The List of Smartphone LOSERS Gets Longer Now

In the smartphone marketplace, it is the best time to get an Apple and Samsung. What about Nokia and Motorola?

There is little scope for these once upon a time, popular brands. In the last quarter, Apple Fortune 500 has achieved the status of the world's prime smartphone maker for the first time across the globe. Samsung moved ahead and scored No. 2 rank. This was proved by a study conducted by Strategy Analytics recently.

They banished Nokia, which earlier won the top position for over a decade now. This is no doubt a stunning achievement for Apple that entered the market only 4 years back and has been sells just the two following stated devices:

•    iPhone 4
•    iPhone 3GS

Samsung smartphone consignments raised 520 per cent over the past one year. According to Strategy Analytics, the growth was strong due to the introduction of its Galaxy S II series of smartphones. These are popular abroad.

However, these devices have not made it big to the United States yet. Samsung devices are expected to begin selling in the U.S. this quarter. The best part is that strong U.S. sales are expected. The brand might even take the top position in the country.

Obviously, Apple is also predicted to reveal its succeeding version of the iPhone in September. All other smartphone producers not coming under the top players category of named Apple and Samsung in the last year had a different story.

Nokia certainly retained its position of being top overall mobile phone manufacturer despite the sales falling more than 20 per cent in the last year. This was as per the IDC survey released during the late Thursday. However Samsung is concluding in fast.

That might cause great trouble for Nokia as Samsung is performing goodin traditional Nokia strongholds wherein the Finnish phone giant is struggling at present in Europe and China.

The fact that sales of smartphone have been falling for Nokia is no surprise. The brand is transitioning away from creating and vending its own, underachieving mobile operating system known as Symbian. This was in support of Windows Phone 7 OS by Microsoft.

The sales by Windows Phone have been quite underwhelming. It remains to be seen whether or not the connection of Nokia-Microsoft will prove to be a benefit to the company.

This step of Nokia is also considered to be a huge risk. The basic problem is the consistently reducing market for users. People are losing interest in anything that is not smartphone.


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