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Author: Steve Smakin
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The BlackBerry Comes with a Bang!

Blackberry messenger 6 has been finally launched by RIM. It claims to transfigure consumer’s overall social experience. There are many attractive features that this outstanding phone comes equipped with. It supports connected applications and even integrates well in to many of the third party apps such as Wikitude.

This app will allow you to send messages to your friends for not having the IM client. All your conservations will be displayed in a user friendly manner. The user manual helps you with this.

For gaming enthusiasts, the mobile phone will definitely take them to an all new gaming experience. The messenger is built in to the mobile phone.

It facilitates you to get the best out of what you have expected in the field of mobile communication devices until now.

This finally means that you will enjoy the latest that is available under the category of mobile communication devices. You will be able to carry on with your regular phone related chores with this Blackberry device such as chatting and instant interactionwith friends.

Of course, this feature is available with all mobile phones. However, the best thing about the phone is that you can chat and get connected to your friends while playing your favourite games.

There is also a provision to give away invitations to your friends to join you when playing games. You can even recommend them an application when inside the app.

All you require doing is to select your friends from the contact list. It is also very easy to post the apps to your profile in order to inform your friends about the kind of applications you are using on your Blackberry.

At present, the connected applications include just Foursquare and Wikitude. You will also benefit from a huge variety of other games. For all BlackBerry users utilizing BB OS v4.5 or higher version, you can now download the all-new Blackberry messenger version 6 from the Blackberry App World.

The recent launch of this appis a crystal clear indication that BlackBerry hasnot lost hope to regain its position in the mobile phone market which is currently ruled by Apple and Samsung.

However, a lot will definitely depend on the manner in which the latest phones by BlackBerry perform after the official launch in future.

BlackBerry messenger 6 is undoubtedly a fabulous device for social networking and gaming freaks. It is a must have device for them.

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