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Author: Steve Smakin
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Malware Is Snowballing on 'Wide Open' Android Devices

Android devices users are now feeling the malware pain. The danger has been more than doubling in the last 6 months. A famous analyst has noted that Google doesnot do checking on Apple when it comes to making Android "wide open."

According to the Mobile Security, it has been proved that the attackers have been using mobile phone ads in order to spread malware. The problem is that the number of apps having malware has already soared.

Splunkwill take your data machine and creates sense out of it. The idea here is to take business sense. You would also be benefitted from the much sought after IT sense, Common sense and Security sense.

Understand that only Splunkwill deliver you real-time visibility as well as operational insights for business and IT. They will do this for more than twenty five thousand organizations in about 74 nations. This will also include Fortune 100 partially.

Mobile malware is undoubtedly on a high rise. The problem is that Android users are suffering from the pain. As per the latest report derived from the Lookout Mobile Security, Android users are known to be 2.5 times more vulnerable to face malware in the present time as compared to 6 months ago.

Now this does not mean that Android is alone in this game. According to the estimation made by Lookout, it has been concluded that almost 3 out of 10 mobile specific products and services are more likely to click on an insecure link.

This will also include some of the malicious as well as harmful phishing links, over a period of 12 months. Analysts agree that open platform of Androidextends the risk of malware to the ‘Relevant Products and Services’.

People are busy discussing the manner in which Android is unsafe due to the malware. Of course, Apple assesses the code. However, no undetectable malware is found. Since, Google is not emphasizing on checking these codes, things are wide open.

Android Threats

GGTracker was discovered in June this year. Hence, it is referred to as the first known Android malware. It is specifically targeted tousers based in the United States.

This malware signs all users up for finest text-message payment services minus their knowledge and charge about 10 US dollars per service to the user’s phone bill.

Lookout has also recently reported that attackers hire a method named maladvertising. They utilize mobile advertisements to direct users to any of the malicious web sites triggering automatic download of malware.


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