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Author: St. Pan
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Well, just like iPhone did, iPad become the most popular and desired tablet and, therefore, the most popular.

Yet, just like the smartphones controversy, there is one between iPads and Android ones.

So, let's see where the Android tablets beat up iPad.

First of all, in what concerns the advantages of Android tablets in front of iPads, one of the greatest achievement is
the fewer restrictions.

Therefore, Android browsers
allow Flash media usage, from Adobe.

Also, on an Android OS it can be implemented an easier
approach of multitasking and the voice recognition function is better that the iPad's.

Another thing that most of the Android has and iPad doesn't, is
the camera with flash.

Second of all, even if it's believed that iPad is the slimmest tablet, the truth is that
there were launched ones with almost the same dimension and even slimmer.

This means that iPad won't be any more too much in the top at this feature.

Another aspect won by Android tablets is
the capacity of storage.

iPad is sits lower at this matter, in front of many other tablets with intern memory. Still, we must say
that the biggest advantage that an Android system tablet presents is the price.

On the market, there are buyers with different needs and not everyone consider necessary the performance offered by Apple's tablets.

Consequently, at this chapter, the Android tablets are sitting much better than Apple's tablets.

In fact, it is interesting to see how successful would be a range of Apple gadgets if was offering lower performances at much lower prices.

However, unfortunately, the top Android tablets that offer similar performances with the Apple's ones is situation at the same range of price with iPads.

Of course, this comparison has a general meaning regarding these two big categories of tablets because
the tablets based on Android represent a very numerous types of products, which are created by a very wide range of producers.

For this matter, it is difficult to make detailed comparisons at hardware's' level and other features. In the end, even though iPad is the leader of the market,
the tablets with Android OS have started to win.

Although there are also some skeptics who claim that Android has much more until catching up with Apple,
it is obvious that Android tablets have started to bring the same facilities like iPad and maybe, even a bit more.

Stay tuned for our next detailed tablets’ reviews and releases!


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