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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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We all know that technology is based on improvement and, therefore, every released gadget will be sooner or later out of date and replaced by a new and better one. It is also true that some of them will be decayed earlier than others.

In another words, it is wiser to resist buying some gadgets right now if you want to be quite "techstatic" you would better have patience. If it helps you think about the technique of deferred gratification or the cliché "good things come to those who wait".

In some cases buying right now a gadget may be a must (you dropped a glass of milk on your laptop- it happens), but would feel ok if you bought an iPad and in a month another one would be released? Just think!

So, we made a selection of 5 gadgets that it won't be the best choice for your today shopping bag.

The iPhone

If you have a passion for iPhones, wait a bit longer. There are rumors everywhere that the next model, iPhone 5, will be released as usual, by fall. It's true that until now we didn't find out the exact specifications, but for sure the new iPhone version will be much improved:

a better processor, a better camera and even a larger and sharper screen.

Windows tablets

Are you sure you that Windows 7 tablet really is for you? Have you tested its touchscreen, tried to minimize a window? Because it's quite challenging… we all know that, in spite Windows 7 tablets run any application that you wanted, it is touch-unfriendly! Still, in this fall Windows 8 will be released in a very touch-friendly version and a better design.

Keep an eye when Lenovo IdeaPad is released!


Ultrabooks are a new version of uberthin, fast-booting notebooks that were released last fall from all the PC vendors. It's true that some of the current models are really good, but in this summer a new generation will be released. These ones will run Intel faster and will offer higher-resolution displays.

For instance, the Asus ZenBook Prime will have a generous 1920x1080 screen and you will view your favorite websites without scrolling.

Smart TVs

There are many rumors that the Cupertino Company wants to release its own smart TV this year. For sure, Apple TV will have serious iTunes integration, an amazing screen and maybe even Siri-based voice control. But it is also sure that he won't be alone. LG already announced G2 Smart TV, which runs Google TV 2.0 interface, supports voice commands and has a gesture-controlled "Magic" remote.

Also, Lenovo released its k55 Smart TV based on Android 4.0 technology in China and may release it here in the close future. Not to mention that this additional competition will lower the process!

Windows phones

We all know that Nokia Lumia 900 has an amazing design and HTC Titan a gorgeous 16 MP camera. Still, when we are talking about specifications, apps and multitasking, Windows Phones are being left behind by their Android and iPhone competitors.

But, Windows 8 will come this fall and this may change the things: Microsoft will really get closer to the Android and iPhone performance.

However, Microsoft has some difficulties in upgrading the current OS to the new 8 version, so I wouldn't risk if I were you!

So, if you really need right now a gadget and you won’t be offended when the next one will be released, enjoy what is already on the market, otherwise try to last a bit longer!


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