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Author: Steve Smakin
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The Incredible Maxent MX-42HPT51

The Maxent MX-42HPT51 is the brand new invention in the field of television technology. It is a 42 inch plasma TV. It enjoys a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The best part is that it has shown full compatibility with the following listed resolutions:

•    1080ip
•    720p
•    480p

This indicates that the Maxent MX-42HPT51 is not Full HD. It will not support the 1080p formats. The Maxent 42” Plasma HDTV has been designed in a fashion to offer excellent quality entertainment attraction of a digital home.

This latest technological wonder MX-42HPT51 also sports an attractive bezel and offers surreal video picture for High Definition viewing. It features a highly incredible and powerful dynamic contrast ratio. The ratio is 8000:1.

Users will also benefit from lavish connectivity options. No wonder Maxent’s MX-42HPT51 is considered ideal for viewing broadcast television. You can also watch satellite dish, cable TV, VHS video or even DVD. This is not all. The VHS video can be watched with detailed clarity.

The plasma TV comes is equipped with loads of i/p features. It comes with two sets of HDMI pins towards the back, namely; Usb port and 3 RCA jacks, S-Video out pin and RCA composite pins.

This amazing invention is available with a 16:9 aspect ratio combined with aa 8000:1 contrast blend.
The Maxent MX-42HPT51 is widely available online and offline markets in black.

It measures awesome at 107.3cm x 74.9cm x 12.1cm. The maximum weight is around thirty four kilos. This awesome plasma TV was slated to be launched in the month of May. However, due to the delays in promotional campaigns, they have already pushed the date back.

Some of the sites feel that the exact price of the TV is not known. However, others feel that it is available for user at the price of $999.

Here is a list of some of the most incredible features the brand new Maxent MX-42HPT51 is available with:

•    42 inches Diagonal Screen
•    Plasma Technology for display
•    1024x768 pixel resolution
•    0.68 V × 0.90 H pixel pitch
•    2.0billion colors display
•    Color system compatibility (NTSC, ATSC)
•    Compatible formats - 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
•    Colors - Bezel color and black
•    Power supply     120V - 120V
•    400 watts power consumption
•    Dimensions (W x H x D) - 107.3cm x 74.9cm x 12.1cm
•    Weighs 34.0 kg
•    1 year warranty
•    Priced at $999


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