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Author: Steve Smakin
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Lethal Pro v2: A review
The Lethal Pro v2 is the slightly refined version of the original Lethal Pro which is a multi-purpose smartphone / camera / tablet accessory.

The lightweight rig is made of “high tech alloys” and carbon fiber which serve as a mount or stand for your tablet or smartphone as well as a camera accessory, which is in part a GorillaPod and in some parts, something which is completely different.

The look of the Lethal Pro v2 as a stand for a tablet or smartphone is really interesting and works well but may appear to some as somewhat of overkill.

The stand comes in use like attaching a tablet with the headrest of a car in order to provide the people sitting in the backseat the opportunity of watching a movie.

The rig serves quite a practical purpose as a camera accessory as well. There is a screw which can be used for the attachment of the brackets that hold a tablet or phone which can fit a standard size tripod mount.

You can make use of this tripod for propping up your camera so that you can obtain a better shot or for attaching it to something else like a tree branch for shooting wildlife shots with complete ease.

Different situations like time-lapse photography can be done with ease. The Lethal Pro v2 is very light weight, actually weighs even less than eight ounces, is completely foldable and can be stored in any laptop or camera bag of reasonable size.

The entire thing is very flexible, which can pose a few problems like being unwieldy or finicky for adjustments between the various configurations.

In fact, this thing makes you devote some amount of time to make sure that the Lethal Pro v2 is actually well secured.

The tension of each leg can be adjusted and the design allows you to tie up its feet. There are some extra rubber covers which offers extra protection to the legs.

The Lethal Pro v2 may tempt you to prop up the product for a quick shot but there is a negative point, as being hasty may result in its falling if you have not being careful in setting it up.

However, if the camera is lightweight the problem becomes less complicated.

The product really works well in some extreme situations as it helps in capturing images from odd and difficult angles which is especially true in case of wildlife photography.

Along with that comes the added advantage of its usage with a tablet or smartphone.

The Lethal Pro v2 is priced at $129 which may seem hefty for a stand but keeping in mind the advantages the price may not seem too much.


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