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Author: Steve Smakin
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Zeppelin Air is the latest introduction by Bowers & Wilkins in the market for iPod docks. The gadget scores brownie points in the looks department. The size is the same as a conventional over-the-shoulder boombox.

The Zeppelin Air weighs 13.5 pounds and is mesh coated and designed in a minimalistic way which makes the gadget look fierce on any bookshelf or coffee table.

The Zeppelin Air has three controls for power, volume down and volume up which are nestled right behind the iPod stand that is elegantly chromed.
The remote of the Zeppelin is tiny and pancaked and gives the user volume controls and standard transport in addition to an input selector.

Pairing devices with Zeppelin Air is slightly tricky though.

The duration of set up mode sees the creation of a WiFi network so you can log in to it from any computer.

Browse to its internal server application and tell Zeppelin Air which network to log into in future. Those who are new at this can always instruct iTunes to look out for devices on the network and then select them as an output to play.

The sound quality is really good and the sound is truly hard-hitting.

The volume level must be watched out for as it is loud enough to blow back your hair.

Be careful with the sound otherwise it may result in your roommates waking up because of the sheer block-rocking beats coming from the Zeppelin.
The promise of “room-filling sound” by Bowers & Wilkins is not unlike those other upmarket sound systems.

There are two bass ports at the back which give it lots of oomph that overwhelms all kinds of conversations, a feeling which is completely different from the feeling that one gets when using a conventional separate subwoofer.

In fact, the box units that are floor-based and found in other systems generally rumble from the ground up but the bass of Zeppelin Air feels more directional and part of the mix overall.
On switching back to conventional headphones or speakers after listening to the sound of the Air, you will immediately feel the difference.

The system poses as a solid contender for a casual listening device.

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For those music appreciators who are simplicity minded, this gadget proves to be the perfect answer.
Its USB output modes, iPhone / iPod dock and the 1/8" input all function perfectly.

There are other neat features like an RCA for video from an iDevice and the speakers can be used as an USB sync station.

The functionality of the Zeppelin Air is fun and can be hard to beat.

The price of the gadget at $600 makes it a good gift to give to people.


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