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Signs He’s not much in to you

So you are dating someone for a long time now and are completely unsure of the fact that he has intense feelings of love for you.

However he is still unsure of the fact that he wants to go for a committed relationship. How do you know about this? Are there some signs to watch out for? If yes, then you must know about these signs. This will help you to know whether your guy is fooling around with you.

Here are some significant signs to watch out for:

Texting is the most common mode of communication:

Is your guy in a habit of texting more than calling you? Is this the chief mode of communication he carries forward each time he wants to talk to you? If yes, then he may not want to establish a serious relationship with you.

It is simple. When a guy loves a girl he would prefer hearing her voice rather than receiving some text. Texting may be perceived as an easy way of communication, but when your guy does it for you more than often, it becomes an easy way for him to avoid communication. Use brains sweetie!

Punctuality is not in his Dictionary

You arrange dates but he always gets late. In fact, he finds ways to get mad at him. Well, it is like this. If a guy really likes you and wants to be with you, he will definitely find ways to please you.

In fact, guys go out of their way to please women they really love. Getting late once in a blue moon is excusable. In case, this is the case most of the time, your heart knows the reason.

He keeps you away from his Social Life!!!

This is a warning sign girl. Beware. If he loves you and wants to have a serious relationship with you in future then what on earth stops him from introducing you to his friends? In fact, he should be proud of you and would want to show you off. He will make a part of your social life too.


Is he afraid of PDA (public display of affection)? Why? Your guy avoids minor occasions of closeness in public. This is not very strange. Not all men are comfortable with PDA.

However, if a man really likes a woman, he will not mind putting his arm around her. Absence of general PDA in your relationship is bizarre.

The guy is not that in to you.

Future Plans!! The Guy gets Scared at the Slightest of Mention

Does your guy get scared with the mere mention of “we” or “future”? Understand that guys who are really in to their girl would like to hang around with them at interesting places apart from sitting on a couch or getting in to bed at every opportunity.

Kindness! What is that?

When was the last time he did something to please you? Did he send you roses? Did he give you a surprise? Did he say something to make you happy? Remember the date, the month or the year? Forgot the date? It is better to forget this guy then.

In a nutshell:

Dump this guy. There are better fishes in the sea. You deserve something great and better than the dumbass you are presently going around with.
Dump him now!


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