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Just A Friend: Friendships And Gender Barrier

Friendship can be referred to as the core of humanity. This relationship does not believe in a barrier of caste, creed, religion, genetic relation or gender.

Generation gap is also not a barrier when it comes to choosing a friend. Without friends we are lonely. We will not be left with anyone to share our feelings, emotions, joys and sorrows with. Friendship helps civilization to develop and function appropriately.

Sometimes gender barriers tend to create certain problems in friendship. This is because when a girl talks to a girl or gets closer, they are often looked upon as a couple. People consider them as an item without even knowing about what exactly is going between them.

However the question is whether friendship between a man and a woman really requires a special tag beyond friendship? Is it not possible for a man and woman to share a platonic relationship?

Friendship between a man and a woman tends to raise eyebrows for many reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons behind this:

* Platonic relationships between a man and a woman for a long time is rare

* Most of the time friendship between a man and a woman turns in to a love relationship

* It is hard for people to digest a plain simple friendship relationship between a man and woman

Emotional bonding between a man and a woman usually results in sexual encounters

People are used to friendships between a man and a woman turning in to love and marriages. This is also the reason friendship usually faces gender barrier.

However this does not mean a man and woman cannot be best of friends forever sans any romantic links involved. If you are friends with opposite sex and want to keep the relationship forever, then there are certain things that you need to consider.

First you need to be clear about the feelings of your friend towards you at every stage of your life. You may consider your friend just a friend but this may not be the case with your friend. Do not continue the relationship if you know that your friend wants to be more than friends, until you are comfortable with the idea.

Keep a little distance. Understand that it is easy to get swayed when you are too much dependant on a person for your emotional needs, especially if you are in a relationship with the opposite sex. Too much of emotional dependence can result in your relationship taking a different turn.

Keep control over your emotions when drunk. Do not get swayed by your emotions with your friend of opposite sex when drunk.

This may lead to physical intimacy which may lead to complications in future. The key to develop a clean, beautiful relationship with opposite sex and remaining friends is to know where to draw the line. Once you learn the art of drawing line, it will be quite easy for you to stay friends with your pal forever.


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