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Jealous and Relationship: Is Jealousy Ruining your Relationship

Jealousy is not a positive emotion. It may be agreeable to a certain level. However, when it exceeds limits, the relationship may ruin forever.

You need to know when you are getting “too jealous” in your relationship. Once you know that you are going overboard, just come back. Control yourself and save the relationship.

What to do to save your relationship from getting ruined? You need to control yourself and avoid getting too jealous. Just pay attention to details of things happening around.

This will stop jealousy from creeping in to your heart. Stop reading between the lines and do not reach without understanding what has happened or is happening. You may even help the other person realize that you trust him/ her and love him/ her dearly.

You need to sit and think about the root cause of a problem that is worrying you. For instance, if you think that your partner is straying or betraying you, know why this is happening. You must need to make sure whether or not there is any truth behind your apprehensions and doubts.

Another best thing to do here is to talk to your partner and clear up any doubts in your mind as soon as they crop up. This will make you feel comfortable.

Tips to stop being jealous:

* Trust your partner:

You need to trust your partner if you really love him. After all, you are in a relationship because you love him/ her dearly and want to spend the life with him/ her.

Once you develop trust in your partner, you will not feel jealous. You should know that your partner loves you and that straying is out of question.

* Keep your self esteem high? Why are you jealous of every colleague he/ she talks or pays attention to? If yes, what is the reason behind this?

Do you feel that you are any less? Are you less attractive in any respect? Jealousy creeps in due to low self esteem. You don’t want to sound desperate and helpless. Understand that you are far better than those whom your partner daily meets. This will save you from getting jealous every now and then.

* Talk it over:

As already mentioned, you must talk all your fears and doubts over with your partner. Make him clear that there is something that is forcing you to feel uncomfortable.

Let him/ her explain this to you. When discussing things with your partner, make sure you say everything that you have in your heart. Do not leave anything out. Try jotting down all the points on a paper prior to speaking to your partner.

This will make sure that all your doubts have been clear. Once you do this, reach normally and throw out any trace of jealousy left in your heart.

Jealousy is not a good thing for you, your personality, health and relationship. Try eliminating this negative emotion from your life as soon as possible. Lead a happy, jealous free life.


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