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Seduce Your Man: Learn The Art of Seduction

Most women find it really hard to seduce their men. They wonder what is it that can make their men fall for them and surrender in front of them. Well there are some simple tricks you need to focus on when seducing your man.

These tricks will let you give immense pleasure to your man in bed. Try following the tricks offered below and you will come to know about some sure shot ways to rule over your man.

The most important thing to understand here is that men have a tendency to fall head over heels for girls who are sexually adventurous. Here are some tips to follow in holding expertise in the art of seduction.

Top Seduction Tips

Getting Started

You need to get started in the best way if you want to succeed in seducing your man. Text some provocative messages to your man. This is a way to tell him how badly you want him. Also tell him how handsome he is.

Do not forget to give him hints that you are eagerly looking forward to have a gala time with him. For instance, you can tell him that you want to see him without his work clothes.

The text messages you send will act as a subtle foreplay to your guy. Your guy will definitely find it hard to spend his time at work.

Send Pictures

This will work wonders to seduce your man. Try clicking pictures of you in naughty poses and send them on his phone. You may also send a naked picture of yours. Be really careful when you do this. Make sure that you send it to the right number.

Call Him

Once you have prepared things a little at home and the work hours are over, call him over. Tell him that you can’t wait to be with him. Use soft, husky voice to call him over.

Get Dressed

This is time you need to get dressed for the occasion. Try putting on the sexiest erotic lingerie you have hoarded in your wardrobe. Wear an overcoat.


Make sure that you welcome him in an appropriate manner. Make him feel comfortable. Stroke his tie. By doing this, you are sending sexual signals. Ask him to freshen up.

The Surprise

This is time to give surprise and shock to your partner. Just as he slips out of the room to freshen up, take your overcoat off and get in to the bed with your lingerie on. Put on a blanket.

Once your guy gets in to the room, ask him to join you. Your will go crazy over this gesture of yours. He will simply love your new avatar.

The basic idea is to be very creative when seducing your man. Using the tips mentioned above and some creative notion of yours will work towards making the date really great. This is just starting many more steamy moments to enjoy.


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