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Love Feels so Good

Every man and woman desires to have a compatible partner. This is the truth of life. Love is a beautiful feeling. It is out of this world and makes one feel on top of this world.

People desire for love. What is it that makes the feeling of being in love so special? Most people spend their lives looking for a perfect partner whom they can love with all their heart and expect the same degree of love in return.

Love needs to be clearly elucidated in a relationship between a man and a woman. However lately, the term ‘love’ has been misused a lot.

People have started using this word for reasons other than simple love. For instance when teenagers say ‘I love you’, they actually mean ‘I want sex’.

Now the question is whether love is all about sex? When you say ‘I love you’, do you really mean that you love the other person?

Love is over and above than having sex or indulging in any kind of physical pleasure. It is a divine and spiritual feeling that binds two individuals forever.

Love is all about feeling for the other person unconditionally and willing to sacrifice all. Lord Jesus Christ loved humankind and did not think twice before agreeing for getting crucified.

He loved is and wanted to get us rid of all the miseries even if it meant unbearable pain for him. Such divine and sacrificing is the feeling of love. It is above all kinds of materialistic things and physical pleasures.

Sacrificial and unconditional feeling of love is what binds us eternally with someone. This does not mean that the ‘Real Love’ does not exist in today’s world. It exists. All you require doing is to find out that true love. Make efforts towards your cause and you would get success in no time.

Falling in love is undoubtedly a magnificent experience. Not all are lucky to fall in love and experience the beauty of this feeling.

It feels extremely good and heavenly to be in love. There is no comparison of being in love and loving someone unconditionally. Once you are successful in getting love from someone you love, you are the luckiest person on this earth.

It is important to understand that love is all about giving and not just receiving. You need to pour your heart out and give all the love to the person you are attracted to. Expectations should be low.

When you love your partner with all your heart, you tend to overlook all the flaws. This is what love is all about. You want to see the positive aspects of a person more than flaws.

You want to love your partner for what he is and not for what you want to make out of him. When you are in love you can fight with the world for your partner. Such is the power of love. Everything else seems to be insignificant in front of it.


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