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Secret to Impress Boys: Things that will keep him coming back

When it comes to impressing boys, there are several tips and tricks that you can try. This article will offer you some effective tips on impressing your guy and keep him coming back to you. These tips are practical and easy to adopt.

Do not try too hard

The first tip to follow when impressing a guy is, to avoid trying too hard. Once a guy sees that you are trying hard to get him, he would lose all interest in you. Instead show him that you are better off. The more you run away from him the more he will be after you and vice versa.

Your guy will be curious to know what keeps him away from getting attracted to his charms that work very well with other girls.

Do not call

Calling your guy every now and then will out him off. He may feel threatened. You need to allow your guy to miss you. Do not call him at all unless there is an emergency. Wait for his call. Make him feel that you are not desperate.


Stay friends with your guy. Show him that he can trust you no matter what. Share good things with him and stand by him when he needs you the most. This will give long life to your relationship. You would also feel that you guy is getting curious about calling you and knowing about you more.

Show interest

You need to show some interest towards his hobbies and likes. This does not mean that you star spending hours watching football or stock your room with sports magazines.

Listening to him what he wants to say about his favorite sport and sport star or watch his favorite sport with him will impress him a lot. You may even impress him by allowing him to watch his favorite channel or program on television.

Do not criticize

Criticizing and passing sarcastic or indirect comments is a strict no-no if you are on a mission to impress your guy. Criticizing can prove to be a big ego deflator for your guy.

Learn the art of conversation

Speaking like a pro will keep the interest of your guy intact. You need to know what to speak and when. This will help you get the most out of the conversation and meeting.

Experiment with your looks

Appearing same every time in front of your guy is boring. You need to keep the curiosity and interest alive via experimenting with your look.

Make sure that your guy sees you as a different woman each time he sees you. This is the best way to make him come back to you again and again.

There is actually no secret to impress a guy. It all depends on the kind of efforts you make. Using the tips mentioned above will definitely help you make your guy want more of you.
Good luck!


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