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He does not call: What to do?

Are you getting disturbed by your boyfriend not calling you? Is this giving you sleepless nights? If yes, then it is time to find a solution. Most women find it really difficult to deal with the situation when their guys do not call them. What is the solution here? What is the best way to deal with the situation?

Knowing when to call your guy can be really confusing. There are several things you need to keep in mind. Women do not know what to do when they feel an urge to talk to their guy. Should they wait for the call to come or should they call the guy themselves?

The waiting game is also quite frustrating. The whole thing seems to be quite complicated. This is because even experts will not have any set rule make you follow in this regard. You just require following one rule religiously here.

The rule goes as mentioned below:

“Don't call the guy unless absolutely necessary or you are dying”

It is important to make him feel your absence. Make him miss you for some time. Allow him to crave for you. Do not call him if he doesn’t. You may also take certain situations in to consideration. For instance, if you two have agreed that he would call at a specific time, let him initiate.

You would sound desperate if you call him every now and then.  One of the biggest blunders women make is to call their guys.

Do you know that men usually try to analyze how involved you are in the relationship by the way telephone calls are handled? In case, it is you who make maximum phone calls, the guy will take no time to label you as desperate. You would definitely not like to be referred to as a desperate creature in the relationship.

If your guy does not call, just wait. Do not panic and make assumptions that he is not interested in you. Most women feel that something really bad has happened if they do not get calls from their guy.

He has not called because he wants to see how desperate you can get or he simply has not taken out quality time to devote to a conversation with you.

Once he takes out time, he will definitely call you. Men are scared of getting in to a relationship with a desperate woman. If you do not call the guy would get curious about what went wrong and try to figure out why you haven’t got impressed by his charm.

In case, he calls up and ask why you did not call, just keep the conversation short by saying that you were too busy with your assignments or studies. Strictly avoid asking why he did not call you. Show him that it did not bother you initially.

Calling too frequently can be a big mistake on your part. This may turn him off. Waiting for him to call would be wise. Give enough time to your guy to find you irresistible.


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