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Moods of Love:

It would not wrong to refer a relationship as a roller coaster. This is because a relationship can experiences many extreme highs and lows. It is important to learn to endure these ups and downs in a relationship to keep it in a good state always.

There may be times when you would not feel good about something that has happened in your office. This may leave you not feeling like talking or interacting with your mate as well. It is natural to show your disappoint to your mate if you had a real tough day in office. The mood will definitely have an impact in which you interact with your partner.

You are in a hurry to reach office and everything is going wrong. The toast got burnt, the kid did not have breakfast, your skirt was not ironed and you forgot where you kept car keys last night. How would you react to your partner at this point if he tries to kiss you or expects a romantic dialogue?  Of course you will get mad at him. These are certain ways in which outside world affects your relationship.

Another instance is where you just had a fabulous day in the office. This is the moment that you want to share with your partner and celebrate. Love has to go through many moods. If you and your partner are going through different moods, this can be really challenging.

This is the moment where you will feel that you and your partner have nothing common. You may even end up having a huge fight with your partner. Being in opposite moods can affect the relationship temporarily. You may go through mixed feelings wherein you would like to do the following:

* Stay alone
* Avoid a conversation with your partner
* Getting mad at your partner
* Blame your partner
* Feel he/she does not understand you
* Feel you are not happy with your partner
* Feel that you and your partner are not made for each other

What to do

Thinking about the problem and cribbing over what has happened will not take your relationship anywhere. You need to make efforts towards finding a solution.

First you need to believe that you partner cares. Also understand that you are not experiencing the same mood as your partner. Hence you cannot expect your partner to react in the same way as your do.

Love is not just about roses, candle light dinners, romantic getaways and singing under the rain. Life has ups and downs. Love will also experience its own share of highs and lows. You need to learn how to tackle these problems. Remember the good time you had with each other.

Try taking out some time for your partner and indulge in romantic moments. Understand your partner and trust him/her. This is the best way to keep love alive in your relationship for long.


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