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Keep your Love alive forever: Top Tips

So you have met the man of your dreams and are sure that you love him with all your heart. What to do now? The next step would be to make your man feel that you are a special woman in his life. You want to leave no stone unturned to keep you love alive forever.

You would want him to stay madly in love with you forever. However just hoping will not help you in this regards. You must focus on making certain efforts towards achieving your goal. As they say “no pain, no gain”, you must do a little hard work to keep the spark alive. Here are some super effective methods to help you get what you want.

Love him and lust after him

Just loving your man will not keep him interested in you forever. You need to do a little more than what you are doing. Once you have made it clear to your man that you love him, your efforts should not get a full stop here. Use certain techniques to keep him yearn to be with you. For this, you must let him know that you lust after him. It will give a big boost to his ego when he knows that you are fascinated to him physically.

Understand his needs

To make a man keep loving you and wanting you, it is necessary to pay full attention to his needs. Just paying attention will not do. You need to make efforts to fulfill them too.

Make your intimate moments special

Try having wild and daring sex. This will definitely drive your guy crazy and love you more than ever. He would yearn to be with you more. According to many studies and researches, it has been proved there are slim chances of men leaving a relationship that offers them physical contentment. Your man would not like to leave you and miss out on all the fun he has with you and on top of that you love him too!

Stay Friends

You need to support your guy in every phase of his life. This is possible only if you try to become his best friend. Once you do this there is no looking back. Be a companion to your guy and you will have a wonderful love relationship together.

Laugh together

No man would like to be with a woman who keeps bickering for everything and cries at the drop of a hat. Laughing a lot is the key to a happy, successful love relationship. Laugh together, make him laugh and do not leave a chance to laugh at yourself! Once your man is happy with you he would not go anywhere. He is yours forever. Laughter will help you live long and your relationship too.

Keep experimenting with your looks

You should not sport the same old look even if it keeps you looking drop dead gorgeous. A little bit experimenting with your look will go a long way. This will keep your man looking more from you. It will keep his interest in you alive.


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